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Transition to my new Year Group

My Transition Plan

We believe that children are most successful when a thorough transition has been planned and carried out.  We carry out a detailed transition, across Terms 5 and 6, for our children so that they are as familiar as possible with their new adults and so that their new adults are as familiar as possible with them.

Our comprehensive transition plan which is in place for each and every child, involves:

  • A middle school approach starting in Term 5 for Year 6 – so that they can practise following timetables, moving to different rooms and being organised with their resources for all lessons.
  • Many informal opportunities for all children to become familiar with their new teachers and their new classrooms.
  • Transition booklets for each child which will be made by our Pastoral and Inclusion team.
  • Many opportunities for our staff to complete a thorough handover with their children’s existing teachers.
  • Opportunities for our staff to plan ahead for their curriculum next year – with their new cohort in mind.
  • A TA swap week – where the children’s new TAs will join their classes in their existing classrooms with their current teachers for a week.
  • Transition days in their new classrooms, with their new teachers and TAs.
  • An open classroom after school so that parents can meet their child's new teacher.

Transition Information Booklets for our Families ...

Transition Booklets for our children ...