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Year 3 Curriculum Map

Stone, Fire and Ice

Year 3 Medium Term Plans - Terms 1 & 2 The children will be journeying back in time to the Stone Age where they will learn about how different Britain was during that time by studying historic sites such as Skara Brae and Stonehenge.  In addition, they will learn what it was like to be an actual hunter gatherer and employ a range of DT skills. They will work as a team to build shelters, before learning how to tie knots and lash wood together so that they can make their own tools and evaluate their effectiveness, using their knowledge of rocks and their properties.  They will also explore cave paintings typical of the Neolithic period in order that they can create their own using different mediums - in particular charcoal and paint.  Through learning the story of Mary Anning, the children will discover all about fossils and how they are formed.  Learning will move on to looking at the Ice Age and comparing the Earth at that time with the frozen regions of our world today.  The children will learn to locate the Arctic and Antarctica, designing and carrying out their own scientific experiment.

Marvellous Mayans

Year 3 Medium Term Plan - Term 3 

An exploration into the ancient Maya civilisation will show the children how they lived in South America, the history behind chocolate creation and their lasting legacy today. In DT, we will design our own Huipiles, working carefully with textiles and fabric decoration techniques. We will explore characters from the past in storytelling, write persuasively and poetically with the use of ‘The Chocolate Tree’ and ‘Rain Player’ texts. Our study will allow us to compare the UK with life in Guatemala, delving into Maya traditions and culture and even making some of our own chocolate treats to enjoy!

We will balance this by developing our nutritional knowledge, designing healthy meals for humans and exploring the diets of different animals.


Violent Volcanoes

An explosive topic where-by we will use natural events to delve into the inner core of the earth itself and study what really happens under the surface. With the use of a short Pixar movie; Lava, we will write descriptively and use storytelling methods to suggest alternative endings. The children will have the opportunity to construct and ‘explode’ a mini volcano, observing the impact and repercussions. Through this study, we will explore tectonic plate lines and the cause of natural disasters.

Through the use of ‘Escape from Pompeii’, we will learn about significant historical events and their impact both then and on life today. This will enable us to create accurate timelines of events and imagine ourselves in the shoes of historical individuals.

Studying the Earth more closely, we will look at magnetism and forces which act upon us in everyday life.


The children will be learning about all things Roman, including having a Roman feast! They will be learning about the different myths and Gods from Roman times and then writing their own myth.  In addition, we will be learning about Roman culture and what made the Romans one of the most successful colonies to date. The children will explore the ancient city of Rome, learning about some of the most famous monuments and architecture.  Mosaics adorned the floors of many Roman buildings, so the children will be creating their own versions.  We will learn about The Roman Army, including armour and weaponry, and then follow their invasion paths through Europe, with a particular focus on the Roman occupation of Britain.  We will investigate the influence that the Romans had on our local area including roads, as well as other famous Roman sites in Britain.   Additionally, the children will be learning about some of the different things they invented; using this to inspire them when creating their own inventions.