Our School

Our Vision

The Repton Manor Way  ...


 We believe our children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.


Click the photo below to watch us sing and sign our school motto.

Our school values focus around our three school rules:

  • We respect each other.
  • We take pride in our learning.
  • We care for our community.


Our school values:


We respect each other.

I am important to my school and my school is important to me

Every single child and their needs come first. All decisions; from the layout of the building to the design of our curriculum; from the employment of new staff to expenditure of our budget, is made by answering the question, “What is best for our children?”

I feel safe,​ healthy and cared for

Repton Manor Primary School ensures all children are safe. Our new building meets all up to date health and safety requirements. It is secure to pupils whilst still being open and welcoming to parents. School lunches are of a high standard and some older pupils will even have the chance to learn how to cook alongside our school catering staff whilst developing an understanding of a healthy diet. Children feel cared for and know there is always an adult there to listen, we have developed a ‘family ethos’ to our school. We are an inclusive school and everyone is valued.


We take pride in our learning.

I enjoy learning because it is fun and exciting

A rich and exciting curriculum reinforces basic skills and leads to high achievement for all. Skilled and professional teaching staff ensure children are enthused about learning by making individual steps clear through fun lessons inside and outside the classroom. Our beautiful school building inspires children and caters for a wide range of learning styles. We see children as individuals and as such they learn in a variety of ways, supported by a variety of teaching approaches.

I am​ proud of myself and believe I can do my very best

Children achieve their best when they know their success is celebrated by those around them. Our staff foster a sense of pride and happiness through caring relationships with our children. Repton Manor values each child and as a result, children look forward to coming to school every day.


We care for our community.

I am learning about the people and world around me

Repton Park, within Ashford Town, is a wonderful and dynamic community. Our school is at the heart of this community and our children gain an understanding about the diverse range of people, rich multi-culture and amazing natural world in which we live. Children will develop a sense of their rights and responsibilities to our local, national and global community and begin to make a positive impact on their future.

I cel​ebrate learning with my family and my community

Parents and family are the most important and influential people in a child’s development. We aim to involve parents in their children’s learning as much as possible, giving each child the best possible start in life. There are many opportunities to learn and celebrate with your child and our community here at Repton Manor Primary School.