Our Children

Year 1 Curriculum Map

We respect each other
Theme: Nurture 
Term 1: This is Me

'Look out 'cause here I come' ... 'this is me'... This term we will explore what makes us unique and why this is important to us and to our community. We will learn about our many strengths and how each of us has a completely unique skill set - it is this that makes us all so special. Using our strengths, we will take to the stage as we create a talent show that showcases our own interests and skills; this will help us to build our confidence. Our unique qualities will be explored as we develop our knowledge of friendship skills and what it means to be a good friend and a supportive member of our class community. We will also find out about our Monarchary and about the important role that they play in the UK and in the Commonwealth - what makes them so unique and special. Using stories, non-fiction texts and role play, we will demonstrate our learning. Finally, we will develop our Geography skills by exploring our immediate school environment, the Repton Estate and local amenities as we learn about our own unique place in the world.

Term 1 Medium Term Plan: This is Me


We respect each other
Theme: Equality
Term 2: Animal Magic

We hope we are not squeamish as we learn all about a range of animals - from poisonous snakes, to furry rabbits, from mighty lions to crawling tarantulas - we will learn about them all.  Our topic will launch with an exciting animal encounter where we will interact with a range of creatures whilst learning more about their features and how we can classify them. Becoming Scientists, we will spend time discussing and sorting animals into categories based on their features, their diet and their habitat. There will be no stone left unturned as we learn all about the wonderful range of creatures that inhabit our world.  Using our storytelling skills, we will learn and write an animal story which we will innovate drawing upon our in-depth knowledge of animals.  Through Dance and Music, we will explore how animals move before creating a dance to portray a range of animals. Finally, we will become artists as we investigate the works of famous artists who have created artistic pieces based on animals, talk about the features of their work and use their styles to create our own pieces of creative learning.  Prepare to be amazed!

 Term 2 Medium Term Plan: Animal Magic
We take pride in our learning
Themes: Curiosity and Autonomy
Terms 3 and 4: Our Wonderful World

'... And I think to myself ... What a wonderful world!' This topic will see us embark upon our very own adventures around the world - all through the eyes of a Gingerbread Man.  We will launch this exciting topic by baking our own delicious Gingerbread Men - we hope they don’t run away! Once we have made, sampled and evaluated our fabulous bakes, we will learn to write instructions for this experience (so that we can keep making more at home!).  Turning our hand to Geography, we will then find out about Christopher Columbus and his travels around the world. Our Gingerbread Man will embark on his own journey across all of the continents and through his travels, we will find out about the features of these places and make links to our own lives. We will look at the features of the United Kingdom and name the parts of it using Geographical vocabulary. Working as Historians, we will then learn the difference between a 'long a time ago' and more recent history, focusing on dinosaurs and fossils. We hope the dinosaurs wont enjoy eating our Gingerbread as much as we did! We will go on a fossil hunt and discover more about Mary Anning, one of our Repton Manor Class Heroes.

Term 3 & 4 Medium Term Plan: Our Wonderful World

We care for our community
Themes: Creativity and Collaboration
Terms 3 and 4: Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time in a land far, far away ... This term we will take a step back in time and look at the development of toys and transport over the ages.  Using our explorative skills, we will develop an understanding of how both toys and transport have changed through History and of how there are still similarities that exist between toys and transport in the past and now. Becoming toy makers, our research will help us to design, draw, make and evaluate a new toy using our Design and Technology Skills, thinking about our own interests and the functions that we would like our toy to have. Our skills will be such that we will be able to create our very own toy museum shop! Thinking about important people who have helped us throughout History and people who still help us today, we will then investigate important people within our community and meet and interview special people to ask them questions about their lives and how they make a difference.