Our Children

Year 1 Curriculum Map

Way Back When

Year 1 Medium Term Plan - Terms 1 & 2 

This topic will see the children travel way back in time to explore the differences and similarities between Toys, Music and Movies from different periods in the past. The children will create their own toy museum and determine whether they prefer toys from the past or the toys of today. They will venture into the past and look at the old techniques used to make movies and they will learn how to use these skills to retell a traditional tale. Finally, the children will learn about music through the decades and explore how making music and listening to music has changed over the years. They will then think about whether a band from the past could have been good enough to win a music competition and whether it could be better than music made today. 


Year 1 Medium Term Plan - Terms 3 & 4 

The children will become explorers of their local environment and widen their knowledge of the world around them. They will learn how to create and to read basic maps, then they will use maps to find out about their local area and the people who live there. The children will then explore the UK and the countries that make it, learning about traditions, capital cities and landmarks, whilst immersing themselves in history. Lastly, they will broaden their understanding of the world learning about the world’s 5 oceans and 7 continents. We will explore Kenya in Africa to find similarities and differences to England, looking at weather, school, housing, people and animals.

Animal Magic

The children will deepen their understanding of the Big Five by researching and creating fact files about these amazing animals. They will meet an Explorer who has travelled across the world and they will learn about lots of different species of animal. The children will help our explorer by becoming Scientists and by gathering information on the different animal classes. They will then report back to the explorer on her travels. They will have to use their knowledge and creative minds when making their very own moving animal puppet and clay models.