Our Parents


Repton Manor Primary School is committed to ensuring the welfare and safety of all the children in our school.  We believe that children have the right to learn in an environment that is safe, caring, inclusive and supportive.  This includes being protected from all types of abuse, in both the children's physical and virtual environments. Online Safety is an important aspect of safeguarding our children and therefore more information can be found to support families here.  Adults in the school recognise when children need additional support and are confident in applying our safeguarding procedures. 

The children are given the opportunity to learn about how to be safe through their curriculum and through daily interactions with the adults and children. Our School Council have developed a child version of our Safeguarding Policy to further the other children’s understanding of how to be safe and what to do if they are not feeling safe, which is available on this page.

If you are ever concerned about the safety or wellbeing of someone at our school, please ask at the office to speak to our Safeguarding Lead;

Hannah Ferris (spd@lightyear.kent.sch.uk)

or one of the Deputy Safeguarding Leads;

Matt Rawling (exechead@lightyear.kent.sch.uk),

John Page (deputy@reptonmanor.kent.sch.uk), 

Louise Summers (inclusion@lightyear.kent.sch.uk). 


Policies relating to safeguarding can be found on our policy page.

If a Kent child is at risk of imminent harm, call the Integrated Front Door on 03000 411 111 (outside office hours - 03000 419 191) or the Police on 999.