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Opal Playtimes

Meet our Opal Working Group ...

If you want to speak to any of us about Opal play, please do find us … we are happy to answer any questions and to listen to any further ideas that you may have …

Jackie Chambers
Deputy Headteacher
Nicki Pittam
Curricular Lead for Play
Hayley Mannering
Play Coordinator
Terry Wells
Site Manager
Lauren Page
Opal Governor and Parent Rep
Evren Gursoy
Opal Governor and Parent Rep
Cath Prisk
Opal Mentor

Our Opal Vision

Opal's vision is that every child in every school has an amazing hour of high quality play every day – with no exceptions.

We completely endorse this vision - our aim is to ensure that all of our children experience at least an hour of high quality play every day.

Repton Manor Primary School - Our Opal Journey

We are embarking on a new project to improve our playtimes for all children at Repton Manor Primary School.  We have signed up to the Opal (Outdoor Play and Learning) programme in order to support us with this.

Did you know that playtime is about 20% of every child’s day at school? That’s 1.4 years of every child’s life while they are at primary school. It is also, for many children, the only time they have to play outside regularly.

Playing outdoors in rich play environments is one of the best ways for children to develop social skills, build resilience, make more friends, be more creative and care more about the planet. Right now, this is more important than ever.

For these reasons, improving our children's playtime and making them the highest quality that they can be is crucial to us.

We are very excited to participate in the Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) primary programme, which is endorsed and supported by Sport England and runs in hundreds of schools across the UK and worldwide.

You can watch a video of how the OPAL programme has helped transform school playtimes here and read more on the OPAL website.


Do you have any donations that we may be able to use?

If so, please email Hayley Mannering, our Opal Play Coordinator, or call the school office (01233 666307) and ask to speak to Hayley and she will let you know if it is something that we can use.  

We are currently collecting the following items.  If you are able to donate any of these, please do contact one of us...

Suitcases (any size and type)
Fabric (sheets/saris/curtains)
Cable drums
Plastic crates, bins or boxes (any size)
Noodles (the type you use in the swimming pool!)
Wooden pallets
Old keyboards/mobile phones/torches/ calculators/laptops/kettles
Buckets (any size)
Briefcases, especially hard cased ones
Anything made from foam (not polystyrene), e.g. foam sheets / body boards
Nets and ropes
Road signs and cones
Kitchen pots, pans, baking trays, worktables, wooden spoons, chopping boards
Pegs (to help to set up dens)
Tubes of various sizes and various materials
Tools like spades, trowels and brooms
Storage bins
Sand pit toys and tools
Art easels
Landscaping scraps (wood stumps, cut branches, etc.)
Dressing up clothes and accessories
Small world toys (dinosaurs, lego, duplo, cars, etc)
Old tyres
Large cardboard tubes
Plastic piping tubes / PVC tubes
Wood scraps
Large empty spools (used for wire, chain, rope)

To see what we have been up to with Opal, please see our news feed below...