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Our school council are going to write us a blog to tell us about what they are working on, and how they are helping our school community.
Please see below for their blog entries:


March 2023

This month in school council we have talked about Culture Week and what we are doing to raise money for it.  We know that you said you wanted to find out more about different cultures so we have decided to plan a Culture Week for you.

We are planning an exciting culture week (all our idea following your feedback!) and we can't wait to tell you all about it!


We have written to the kitchen about different foods that we could taste during Culture Week and we have made a poster to display around school. We hope we make enough money to have our Dragon Dance and Samba workshops... watch this space!


Fundraiser Number 1:- Easter Egg Raffle

We held an Easter Egg Raffle.  We bought some Easter Eggs and we sold tickets to raffle them off.  Miss Gorania taught us how to give the tickets out for our Easter Egg Raffle – we were so excited!

We raised a grand total of:


December 2022
Class Library Winners!

We judged the winners of the Class Library competition.  We are pleased to announce that we chose Year 3 as our winners.  Their class libraries were full of great books - books linked to old and new topics, fiction and non-fiction books, books that Year 3 would enjoy to read, class readers old and new, and many more!  Their class libraries were also made to look fun and like great areas to relax and enjoy a book.  Well done, Year 3.

Tuesday 15th November 2022
School Council Meeting Minutes.
Class Libraries

We all shared our ideas for improving our Class Libraries - we are looking forward to seeing each other's new and improved libraries as the children all have lots of great ideas. 

We will be the judges of the Class Libraries, so we decided upon how we will judge the Class Library competition.

Outdoor Locker Area 

Mr Wells spoke to us about the Outdoor Locker Area competition. We think this will really help to keep our school tidy and clean.

School Council Display

We added some more information to our School Council display board - please do have a look at it.

We had lots of ideas which we shared for our Christmas Fayre.

Friday 4th November 2022

We all got called up to the stage to deliver our assembly about equality.

Equality is about treating people fairly even though we’re all different.


Everyone gave us a round of applause and when our assembly started we were very nervous. Once we started to talk we felt more comfortable. They were very interested in our discussion topics when we asked them to talk to their partner.

Equality is our school theme for the term. 
Thursday 3rd November 2022

Today it is our first time in School Council Club so we went straight to the RAINBOW ROOM and got to work.

We were designing our School Council Noticeboard.  Olivia and Thomas were deciding the design of the words. Nev and Toby were gathering pictures and Safa, Pietra and Zack were designing the notice board layout.

But time went sooooooooo fast and quickly and before we knew it, it was home time! We can’t wait for next times club.

Look out for your new School Council Noticeboard.
October 2022
How to be safe in school

We worked with Mrs Ferris to write a policy about how we can stay safe in school.

See our policy here.