Our Children

Year 4 Curriculum Map


Year 4 Medium Term Plans - terms 1 & 2 

This topic begins with The BFG, where we look at what dreams children would like to achieve in their lifetime. We then look at famous people who have achieved their dreams - like Martin Luther King, whose dream was to end segregation. The children get a chance to study the history of the Civil Rights Movement by learning about what happened and the people who helped to change the world. We also explore the work of Salvador Dali and how he used dreams to create surrealist art.

Hike to Hogwarts

Year 4 Medium Term Plan - Terms 3 & 4 

This is an exciting topic where we delve into the world of Harry Potter to explore the similarities and differences between Hogwarts and our school. We will make potions and wands to incorporate our Science learning and we will compose a piece of mood music to accompany our Hogwarts room design. We start the topic with a spectacular trip to Harry Potter World, to ensure children are able to have the whole experience.


Ancient Greece

We step back in time to Ancient Greece and investigate the lifestyles and beliefs of the people by reading Greek myths, making our own Greek pots and seeing how their way of life has impacted on ours in the modern day. We will study the history of Greece and live a life in the day of a Greek.