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Year 6 Curriculum Map

We respect each other
Themes: Nurture and Equality
 Terms 1 and 2: All work, no play! (Victorians)

Come with us back in time to explore a world before modern conveniences like telephones, microwave ovens and indoor plumbing! This term, we will learn all about Queen Victoria and the many changes to Great Britain during her reign. We will identify the benefits and drawbacks of the Industrial Revolution, the expansion of the British Empire and the daily lives of children during this time to discover if this truly was the Golden Age of British History. To end the term, we will learn more about the traditional Victorian Christmas by reading Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol and looking at and analysing photographic evidence. We will culminate our experience by dressing our own fresh Christmas trees with decorations that are authentic to the time period. 

Term 1 & 2 Medium Term Plan: Victorians


We take pride in our learning
Themes: Curiosity and Autonomy
Terms 3 and 4: Our Perfect Planet

What makes Earth, our home and the sole provider of life in our known universe, such a perfect planet for all life to thrive and evolve? During this thought-provoking and inspiring topic that explores the world around us, we will arm ourselves with scientific curiosity to uncover how life first came into existence and follow its journey to the modern day. We will explore how animals, plants and other organisms have adapted to survive and thrive on an ever changing planet. When we reach the modern day, we will be taking a step back and looking at the world around us and how it has been, and continues to be, impacted by human beings. What does the future hold for our planet and, most importantly, what can the next generation do to make a difference?

We care for our community
Themes: Creativity and Collaboration
Terms 5 and 6: Battles that have shaped our world

How do battles shape our world? Evidence of World War II can be seen dotted about our local landscape and we will use these artifacts to begin our exploration of how this time period has impacted our local communities and global interactions. We will explore how wars can generate technological and medical advancements while developing empathy for those living in war-torn places. We will develop an understanding of the Allies and Axis of Great Britain and the roles they played within World War II as well as increasing our understanding of key figures from this challenging time.