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Our vision for Computing at Repton Manor Primary School

Computing is an essential life skill in our ever developing technological world. It reaches out into all aspects of our everyday lives and will play a significant role in our futures. Therefore, it is vital that our children are equipped with the Computing understanding, skills and knowledge, as well as the creativity and enthusiasm that they need in order to thrive and adapt in a world increasingly dependent on Computing.

Our vision is for inspiring, engaging and progressive Computing embedded across the curriculum using a range of devices with e-safety as an integral part of teaching and learning. 

How do we teach Computing?

Pupils engage in lessons which not only develop their Computing knowledge and skills, but also develop their problem solving and thinking skills. Children are encouraged to ask questions, explore possibilities, find solutions and be creative through a range of theoretical and practical learning opportunities, using a range of devices.

At Repton Manor Primary School, we use the National Curriculum and the National Centre of Computing Excellence (NCCE) Teach Computing Curriculum as a starting point to plan inspiring and engaging Computing lessons. The NCCE Teach Computing Curriculum has been designed by experts in the Computing field and by teachers to ensure that there is clear progression and development of a range of skills and knowledge, which we feel provides our children with the progressive and engaging learning journey that they deserve.

Our Computing Curriculum covers four key areas: Computer Networks and Systems, Programming, Multimedia and Data Handling. Sometimes these will be embedded with our year group topics and sometimes aspects might be taught discretely. Children will also have opportunities to develop and apply their Computing skills in other areas of the curriculum. For example, publishing their writing using Word or using the internet to research information on the Ancient Egyptians.

Keeping ourselves safe online is fundamental in our digital world. We ensure that e-safety is taught explicitly as well as being continuously embedded in all areas of school life. We continuously embed the expectations set out in the Education For A Connected World Framework to ensure that pupils have a good knowledge about online safety and what they can do to help them navigate an increasingly digital world.

We hope that by the time our children leave in Year 6, they leave as computer literate, confident and enthused individuals, equipped and eager to grab any opportunities that come their way in life.

For more information about Computing at Repton Manor Primary School, please contact our Computing Leader, Donna Fisher.

Curriculum Group: The Sciences

Our Vision:

We aim to build curiosity about our children’s place in the world, how it works and inspire them to look to the future with excitement and the ability to take risks and problem solve.

Through The Sciences curriculum we:

  • Give opportunities to interconnect our knowledge, explore and ask why.
  • Build strong foundations in subject knowledge.
  • Build on successes and failures to find solutions.