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Reception Curriculum Map

We respect each other
Theme: Nurture
Term 1: I live in a rainbow World!

Red and Yellow and Green and Blue - we can sing a rainbow! This topic will see the children investigate colours in their environment and learn how primary colours can be mixed to create secondary colours. We will create our own magical rainbows as we become artists mixing our own shades. We will explore the text ‘Find Your Happy’ and we will learn all about emotions, how to express them and how other people feel. We will become super friends to everyone in our class as we learn how to let other people know how we are feeling.  We will need our Rainbow hunting gear when we read ‘How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow’ as we will need to participate in a Repton Rainbow Hunt.  Will we find the pot of magic at the end of the Rainbow?  We are sure that we will be able to spread some magic and cheer when we make kindness cards for our Grandparents and then follow instructions to make delicious cakes to share with them at an afternoon tea event. As part of Harvest celebrations, we will investigate the colours, shapes and tastes of a range of fruits and vegetables; this will link to our learning around the text ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Finally, we will use our fine motor skills to make a delicious rainbow fruit kebab - Yummy!

Term 1: I live in a rainbow world!


We respect each other
Theme: Equality 
Term 2: Let's Party!

What wonderful people we all are - this topic focuses on the children developing an understanding of themselves, their families and other people within their school community. The children will engage in learning based around Fireworks (and they may even be treated to their very own Repton Firework display!); this will include learning about the historical story of Guy Fawkes, learning about fire safety and using a range of art media to create representations of fireworks. We will have our own celebrations as we learn all about Diwali through the story of Rama and Sita. The children will explore Hindu traditions such as traditional clothing, food and dance. Our next celebration will be around our birthdays as we engage in learning focused around age and birthdays; what we can do now that we couldn't do when we were younger and how we have changed.  We will discuss our own family traditions and our own growth. Through music, dance and art, we will then learn about the Nativity Story as we prepare to take to the stage to wow our parents and our school family in our Christmas show.

Term 2: Let’s Party!
We take pride in our learning
Theme: Curiosity 
Term 3: Let’s get moving

Hold on tight - this term we are going on an adventure, an adventure using lots of different types of transportation! But, where will our adventures take us? This topic will see the children experiment with and investigate different forms of transportation. From trains, to boats, cars to aeroplanes - we will learn about how people travel in different ways.  The children will find out about the transport used, and the different ways to travel, in their local area and we will talk about and learn about local landmarks that they are familiar with. Our first adventure will take place on our Repton double decker bus! We will focus our learning on the text ‘The One Hundred Decker Bus’ before creating our own buses using a range of materials, making bus tickets during role-play and travelling on a local bus. Next, we will hop onto the train as we learn about trains in the past and present and how they compare. We will be lucky enough to meet a real life train driver and ask him lots of questions. The children will make train journey maps and learn train related songs. Lastly, we will need to hold on tightly to our seats as we become astronauts and travel to space in our own rockets! The children will become mesmerised by space and rockets as we read the text ‘Blast Off’ and go on a trip to space in our class rocket, finding out about real astronauts and taking part in astronaut training.

We take pride in our learning
Theme: Autonomy
Term 4: Drip Drip

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink! This topic focuses on the theme of water in different places. The children will learn about the weather and how water helps plants and food to grow. Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside - we will find out all about (and maybe even visit!) the seaside and learn about how seaside traditions have changed over time. We will become puppeteers by creating traditional shows and we will share our narratives with other children. Shiver me timbers; next, the children will be transported into a Pirate World.  They will spend time engaged in the theme of pirates, dressing up and using a range of themed texts to engage in imaginative play and story writing.  We will then embark on a rescue mission to help the Three Billy Goats to cross the Troll bridge safely when we share the story of ‘The Billy Goats Gruff’. We will learn about maps and experiment with floating and sinking to help us to complete this mission successfully.  Using this learning, we will design and create boats of our own which we will enjoy racing to see which one helps the Goats the best. All of our new found knowledge will be helpful as we become explorers - exploring oceans and large masses of water using globes and digital maps.

Term 4: Drip! Drip! 


We care for our community
Theme: Creativity
Term 5: I spy a naughty little rabbit

Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Peter ... this topic will launch with a look at the work of Beatrice Potter and how her original text compares to the children’s TV programme 'Peter Rabbits Adventures'. The children will be transported into the world of Peter Rabbit as they explore how Beatrice Potter wrote the text and how current authors write using technology. Using our new found knowledge, and our magical imaginations, we will become authors and illustrators, creating our own animal based stories. Let's hope our animals don't come across Mr. McGregor!  Next, we will become Scientists as we use opportunities to explore the outside environment, looking at places that animals choose to live and learning why they live where they do. We will categorise animals based on their characteristics and visit a local farm to use our senses to get to know some animals face to face. The children will have opportunities to watch minibeasts, plants and foods grow and to comment on the changes that they see, recording them in a range of ways.  

We care for our community
Theme: Collaboration
Term 6: Help, SOS! 

Help! Help! Who can help? This topic will engage the children in thinking about people who help us in our community. We will learn about lots of real life superheroes in our community; looking at people who help us and our families every day.  We will be focusing our reading on non-fiction texts about the police, hospitals, post offices and people who help us within our Repton Manor School family. We will enjoy meeting some of our real life superheroes and thanking them for their hard work - we will be visited by people from a range of professions and we will have opportunities to develop our questioning skills as we find out all about the work that they do. We will enjoy learning about our parents and grandparents jobs and the role that our families play within the community.  We will engage in lots of expressive role play and have fun whilst creating models related to the emergency services. Taking inspiration from our local heroes, we will then venture out into our local community to find opportunities to help others.