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Our School Council: September 2022

At Repton Manor Primary School, we want all members of the School Council to represent the student voice and to have an ownership over the running of their school. Members will build their communication skills but also have a lasting impact, working with school Governors to seek change where they see fit. 

We would expect our School Council to have three whole school priorities in the school year that directly impact the improvement of the school. Members will be held accountable and will need to show commitment to the role, even coming to some after school sessions. 

Our School Councillors show dedication to improving the school and to using their leadership skills to help with whole school initiatives. They are valued by students and teachers alike. 


Our School Council Constitution

We are the voice of the students:

  • We aim to get things done to make our school better.
  • To find ways to improve our school.
  • To give every pupil a voice and to make all decision-making fair.

All members of the School Council have a duty to report back any information they discuss to their classes. They must also make sure they represent the views of every child in their own classes by sharing them at School Council Meetings. They can record this information in their School Council book.

Roles of our School Council

Chairperson: The Chairperson runs the meetings. First, they recap through the last meeting’s minutes to check they are a true reflection of what happened; if all members agree, the minutes are signed. The chair then forms and shares the meeting’s agenda with the School Council and works through this.

Vice Chairperson: The Vice Chairperson needs to be prepared to lead the meeting if the Chair is absent. They also support the Chairperson in their role, when required. When the minutes have been signed, the Vice Chair takes them to the office to be filed.

Secretary: The Secretary takes notes (minutes) in all meetings and ensures there are enough copies to be looked at for the next meeting. It is also their job to do the register.

Treasurer: The Treasurer records any money raised, donated, or spent for the School Council. They are aware of the budget and where it is spent. 

Committee members: These members listen to the Chairperson and contribute their own, and the ideas of their class, and vote for any ideas put forward.

Subcommittees: To be decided by the council dependent on what their priorities are. 


School Council meetings are held regularly. For the meeting to go ahead there must be at least 8 School Council members present. Decisions will be made using a hand up or blind voting system. If a decision can’t be reached, it will be the link teacher who will cast the deciding vote. Ideas and questions are put to classes/the whole school before they are voted on in School Council.

School Council Code of Conduct
  1. Take care of each other.
  2. Be inclusive.
  3. Always put your hand up.
  4. Support the majority decision.
  5. Take turns to speak.
  6. Always listen to the person speaking.
  7. Always give your class an update.
  8. Try your best to make the school better.
  9. Always attend School Council meetings.
  10. Share the views of your classes.

If any member of the School Council wishes to challenge any part of the constitution, this must be raised in a meeting and voted into action. Changes can then be suggested before being agreed by all members.

Our School Council members were presented their certificates and lanyards by our School Governors today in a special assembly.  They were very proud and our Governors loved meeting them.