Our Children

House Captains

The role of the House Captain:

Each child (and adult!) at Repton Manor Primary School is a member of one of the four school houses:





Every year, the children compete for the House Shield, which is presented to the House which has achieved the most house points over the course of the year. Children can earn house points for their house for things such as: excellent learning, effort, achievement and behaviour. All of the house points are totaled each week and the winning house for that week is announced in assembly. In addition to this, inter-house competitions are held where different children can compete for their house in different sporting events. These also contribute towards the House Shield.

Each house is led by a House Captain and a Vice Captain, who play an important role in school life. The children are selected after  writing an application for the role of House Captain.  We then hold a House vote, where children from their respective houses vote on who they would like to lead them. The House Captains are Year 6 children, who are role models for the children in their house and have volunteered to help the children in their House in different ways. They play an active role in championing their House teams through liaising with staff to design and plan House events and sports competitions. Additionally, the children undertake training which will enable them to plan and lead activities for other children to participate in.

Our Captains have various roles and responsibilities which include:

  • Collecting and counting-up House points daily, weekly and termly.
  • Working with staff to lead awards in assemblies.
  • Taking part in meetings to make decisions about House competitions.
  • Helping to organise House competitions including Sports Day.
  • Looking after, and encouraging, other members of their House
This year our House Captains are: