Our Children

Year 2 Curriculum Map

The Lost World

Year 2 Medium Term Plans - terms 1 & 2 
We have our very own Archaeologists in school! Can the children discover what happened to the dinosaurs by uncovering and exploring the bones and fossils found in the excavation site? Can they master all of the skills needed to become a world class explorer and then demonstrate these skills to train their apprentices in order to find the fossils? Will they be able to guide Father Christmas safely through The Lost World in order to save Christmas and deliver his presents? Can they present and perform the story of the Nativity to a live audience?


Year 2 Medium Term Plans - terms 3 & 4 
Can the children complete ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ in order to become real life Superheroes? Will they become superhero masters by learning about heroes in our community and in history? Through our storytelling, we will learn a traditional North American story about a brave hero.  All Superheroes need a costume and a cape; we look forward to seeing our Repton Superheroes in their catwalk show. All children will investigate different materials in order to create the perfect superhero costume for a toy.



Into the Woods

If you go down to the woods today, what will you find? What will the children discover on their journey through the woods in the different seasons? The children will become experts at plant identification and they will be able to name and describe the different species typically found in British woodlands. The children will learn what is needed to grow their own plant successfully and put into practise what they have learnt. ​