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Primary Science Festival 2023

We had a fantastic time at Benenden School for their Primary Science Festival. The children who attended all submitted entries to Benenden's Science poster competition, where they needed to explore the use of colour in Science. 

We had a fantastic day exploring the three Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In Biology, we looked at stomatal pores on different leaves using a microscope and explored how these help a plant to take in and expel different substances. In Chemistry, we looked at creating different solutions, setting up an experiment to explore the different colours mixed to make food dyes using chromatography. In Physics, we made rockets and learnt a lot about air resistance and how to make our rockets as streamlined as possible. 

We ended the day with a real life rocket launch and a prize giving ceremony for the poster competition winners.

We are so proud that Repton Manor Primary School won the overall competition and that one of our Year 6 students, Chinazam, won the competition with his entry.