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Online Safety

Our vision for Online Safety at Repton Manor Primary School

As a school, we are keen to promote the safe use of technology both in and out of school.  We feel that modelling safe technology use and talking about safe behaviours online is fundamental in ensuring that your child has the best possible chance of being safe online and reporting concerns appropriately if they do occur.  We have recently started an exciting journey with Childnet to launch Digital Leaders in school.  Our Digital Leaders will be invaluable for peer education and they will hopefully teach the adults in the community a thing or two too!  By working between home and school, we feel that children have the best possible chances of safely navigating the digital world.

How do we teach Online Safety?

The digital world is constantly changing but there are key skills and behaviours that have been taught for generations that remain prevalent in helping children understand and remain safe when accessing and communicating online. Online Safety is taught in two ways at Repton Manor Primary School:

  • We teach an embedded and progressive approach through the modelling of behaviours, encouraging children to be curious, challenging online behaviours of others and learning how to interact with others in different situations on and offline.  It is through the relationships we have with the children that we are able to support and advise on anything happening in 'real time'. 
  • Additionally we use the Project Evolve resources to ensure that we have addressed all areas appropriate for a child's age and development. 

Each year your child will build upon their knowledge of 8 different strands within their Online Safety learning, using Project Evolve:

  1. Self-Image and Identity;
  2. Online Relationships;
  3. Online Reputation;
  4. Online Bullying;
  5. Managing Online Information;
  6. Health Well-Being and Lifestyle;
  7. Privacy and Security;
  8. Copyright and Ownership.

For more information about Online Safety at Repton Manor Primary School, please contact our Safeguarding and Pastoral Director and Designated Safeguarding Lead, Hannah Ferris.

Curriculum Group: Mental Wealth + Physical Health

Our Vision:

We teach our children to recognise if they are mentally and physically healthy.

Our Mental Wealth and Physical Health curriculum allows children to:

  • Recognise if / how to get help.
  • Prepare for lifetime wellness.