Our Parents

Reporting Absence

Reporting your child's absence

It is really important for your child to be in school every day that they are well.  Being in school every day enables your child to learn effectively and will ensure that they don’t develop gaps in their learning due to missed content.


If your child is off school due to an illness, please contact the school office between 8.00am and 9.00am, explaining why they will not be with us.  Please contact us by telephone: 01233 666307.

Please call us each day of your child’s absence.

If you have not informed us of your child’s absence, we have to contact you as part of our safeguarding process.  

Should your child have a sickness bug, they should not come into school until 48 hours after their last symptom to reduce the risk of spreading the illness.

Medical appointments:

If your child has a medical appointment coming up, please notify us in advance with a copy of their appointment confirmation. You can email this to office@reptonmanor.kent.sch.uk.

If your child is going to be in late after an appointment, we ask that you inform us as to whether your child will need a school dinner.


Being on time to school every day is really important for your child.  Not only is it important for your child to begin their learning with the rest of their class, but it is also vital for your child to be in school to meet and greet their peers and teachers and to settle into their school day effectively.  Being late makes this transition into school difficult for many children.

The gates are open to pupils at 8.30am as they are expected to be sitting in their classrooms ready for registration at 8.45am, whereby the gates will be closed.

All pupils that arrive late (after 8.45am) must report, with their parent, to the school office where the reason for lateness is recorded.