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Science plays an integral role in the world around us; it has changed our lives and is vital to the world's future prosperity. Science is a systematic investigation of the physical, chemical and biological world in which we live and beyond.

Our vision for Science at Repton Manor Primary School

As the world is changing so rapidly around us, with the increase of technology, engineering and ingenuity, it is essential to stimulate children’s curiosity and thirst for scientific knowledge. At Repton Manor Primary School, we aim to stimulate and excite pupils' curiosity about events in the world and enable them to understand how scientific ideas contribute to technological change.

How do we teach Science?

Pupils learn to question and discuss Science-based issues that may affect their own lives. Science is also explored through meaningful links to Year Group Topics, enabling them to explore the scientific concept and its links to the wider curriculum.

The staff at Repton Manor Primary School use the Kent Science schemes of work and the National Curriculum as a starting point to plan engaging Science lessons. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) investigations and skills are also used to extend and challenge children’s thinking. Pupils engage in lessons which develop their knowledge and understanding of scientific principles, as well as their investigation skills. Children are encouraged to explore their own questions within Science and lead their own learning, building upon curiosity, awe and wonder for Scientific concepts.

Opportunities for practical, hands on, learning forms an important part of our Science lessons as this enables children to put their learning into practice. All pupils' record their Science learning in a variety of ways; including taking pictures, through drawings or mind maps, written methods and through the use of ICT. Scientific knowledge is applied and built upon throughout a child’s time at Repton Manor and by the time our children leave Year 6, they will have been exposed to a breadth of scientific topics, experiments and skills.


For more information about Science at Repton Manor Primary School, please contact our Science Leader, Megan Lynn.

Curriculum Group: The Sciences

Our Vision:

We aim to build curiosity about our children’s place in the world, how it works and inspire them to look to the future with excitement and the ability to take risks and problem solve.

Through The Sciences curriculum we:

  • Give opportunities to interconnect our knowledge, explore and ask why.
  • Build strong foundations in subject knowledge.
  • Build on successes and failures to find solutions.