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Vacancies at Repton Manor Primary School:


We advertise vacancies at our school via the Kent Teach website.

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Working at Repton Manor Primary School:

Aside from our children, our staff are the most important part of our Repton Manor Family.  Without our wonderful team of committed staff, our school would not be what it is.  We are committed to recruiting the best team of superheroes for our children.  Our staff work incredibly hard to form positive relationships with our children and their families, to plan excellent and inspiring learning opportunities for all children so that they can all reach their full potential and to keep all of our children safe and happy.  In return, we strive to support our staff as best as we can, to look after them, to make them feel valued, supported and listened to and to ensure that they continue to love the job that they do so well.

Early Careers Teachers (ECTs):

We are committed to providing support for teachers starting on their journey to become fully qualified.  At Repton Manor, we are committed to ensuring that our Early Career Teachers are given support, guidance and direction during their 2-year induction period. Each ECT has an experienced mentor to guide them through their induction period by having weekly meetings, termly observations/feedback, termly assessments and informal drop-ins and checks-ins throughout each term. We strive to provide the highest quality support by following Best Practise training but also tailoring the induction to suit the needs of the ECT, drawing on their strengths and areas for development. An integral part of the induction process is enabling ECTs to observe colleagues in our school and sometimes in other school settings. These opportunities are crucial in enabling each ECT to become a reflective practitioner.

Our Vision for Early Careers Teachers:

Over the course of the two-year induction programme, the ECT’s will be given structured support and weekly meetings which focus on enabling the teachers to be reflective problem-solvers. By allowing ECT’s to solve problems which arise in their own classrooms, this will ensure that these teachers will independently be able to identify their successes and areas of improvement throughout their career. Repton Manor Primary School is determined to provide positive and purposeful support throughout the 2-year induction period to ensure teachers build on their successes and celebrate these with colleagues but also know how to improve any area of their teaching. We are committed to their success and promise as a school to devote our staff and support to ensuring our ECTs thrive as educators.

Student Teachers:

We host a number of student teachers at Repton Manor Primary School each year.  We are committed to supporting those who wish to pursue a career in teaching.  Each of our Student Teachers have a designated mentor who supports them with a thorough induction and guidance and direction throughout their placement.  Our Student Teachers are also supported on a daily basis by the Class Teacher of the class in which they are placed. 

For more information about becoming a Student Teacher at Repton Manor Primary School, please contact Tabitha Kemp (tabitha.kemp@reptonmanor.kent.sch.uk).