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Opal Platinum Award

September 2023

We were awarded ....


Our playtimes are amongst the best nationally.


We are delighted to announce that we have received an accreditation for the Platinum OPAL play award. We all know how much fun and learning goes on during our playtimes and this is a wonderful recognition for everyone’s hard work and parental support and donations.

OPAL play means our children encounter a wonderful playtime every single day. Our School grounds are amazing, the children are so much happier playing in our most wonderful, naturally rich play environment. Whilst it might look like a den to an outsider, what our children are experiencing are opportunities to develop resilience, team work, negotiation skills, perseverance and character building skills which are often difficult to teach in the classroom. The play areas and social spaces we have developed are exciting, adventurous and fun.

We recognise the importance of supporting children to take risks in their play and we have developed a culture that promotes play as essential and risk as good - promoting confidence, resilience and an aptitude to learn from trial and error - all of which resonates back into the classroom and learning environment. We are proud of our happy, confident children who have the freedom to be themselves in their play.

Our huge thanks to our OPAL play team who have allowed this vision to become a reality for all of our children.

Our OPAL journey....

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