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Our vision for Music at Repton Manor Primary School

At Repton Manor Primary school, we believe that Music is a form of communication that shapes the way people feel, think and act. It allows children to develop their creativity, imagination, self-discipline and self-confidence. We aim to provide opportunities for all children to experience music through listening, composing and performing, enabling them to gain a sense of achievement and enjoyment of music.  Children will develop lifelong skills such as collaboration, resilience, determination and bravery through experimenting and performing.

How do we teach Music?

Repton Manor Primary School uses Charanga to support the teaching of Music from Reception to Year 6. Charanga is an award winning programme that offers an integrated, practical and explorative approach to learning music. It allows children to fulfil the statutory National Curriculum requirements for Music in a fun, engaging and practical way. The units of work allow children to develop their knowledge of musical vocabulary and concepts using a repetition approach to learning.  The children build on their skills to enable them to perform a final piece at the end of each unit. They participate in singing, playing tuned and untuned instruments, composition, improvisation and listening to live and recorded music.

How is each scheme organised?

Each year group completes a unit of work from the scheme every other term. Each unit of work focuses on the strands of musical learning which corresponds with the National Curriculum objectives for Music:

  1. Listening and Appraising
  2. Musical activities
  3. Singing
  4. Playing untuned and tuned instruments
  5. Improvisation
  6. Composition
  7. Performing

We then apply the skills and knowledge learnt through these units in our Topic learning.

Extra Music Curricular

We are fortunate to offer private tuition for a range of instruments at Repton Manor.  If your child is interested in having individual or small group instrument tuition, please click on the brochure link below to find out more details about how to sign up.

Music Tuition Brochure

For more information about Music at Repton Manor Primary School, please contact our Music Leader, Linzi Alexander.

Curriculum Group: The Arts

Our Vision:

Our children are given the opportunity to creatively express themselves.  Passionate adults engage, inspire and challenge through The Arts.

Through The Arts curriculum we use:

  • Art to explore and experiment.
  • Dance and drama to express.
  • Music to reflect.