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Welcome From The Executive Headteacher

A warm welcome to Repton Manor Primary School website.

Since our school opened in 2012, we have grown into a large vibrant learning environment. Our family ethos is popular with children, parents and staff and is at the core of all we do. Each child is recognised as important and as an individual. Their achievements are important and recognised through the warm and knowledgeable relationships formed with adults across the school.

“We believe our children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way.”

At Repton Manor Primary School, it is our belief that children’s excellent academic outcomes are a result of nurturing the whole child. We believe every child has to recognise that they are safe, happy and loved to get the best from their learning. A child’s self-esteem and self-concept is essential to their success.

Although our modern, purpose built school is a great environment to learn and grow in, it’s greatest strength is the staff team. This group of skilled and innovative adults work tirelessly to care for and to educate our children. They take personal pride in seeing each child in their care grow as happy, enthusiastic and independent learners. They have developed an exciting and engaging curriculum through which children develop not only essential skills but also a passion for wider learning.

In 2022, we formed part of an exciting new federation, The Lightyear Federation, which sees Repton Manor Primary School and Greatstone Primary School working together to enable some amazing learning opportunities for all of our children and communities.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us should you wish to discuss any information on our website further or to find out more about our school. We strive to be the best possible school that we can for your child and we look forward to working with you in achieving this during their primary school life.

Matt Rawling 

Matt Rawling

Executive Headteacher