Our Children

Year 5 Curriculum Map

We respect each other
Themes: Nurture and Equality 
Terms 1 and 2: Journey to the Americas

Take a journey to the Americas with us! Here we will delve into the history of the Maya and discover their influence on the modern-day world. We become Historians as we use our research skills to begin to question historical sources as we attempt to discover what happened for the Maya civilisation. As we journey further, we will develop our map skills as we use maps to locate key countries and cities in South, Central and North America and look at land-use and topography to help identify the different physical and human make-up of a range of places around the world. Our journey continues to the ‘Big Apple’! Yes, New York City here we come! With skyscrapers galore, we learn about how they are designed and strengthened and we become engineers as we have a go at building our very own. We will take a look at the similarities and differences of New York and Ashford, recognising key physical and human features.

Term 2 (short topic): Lost in Space

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... blast off!  The children get stars in their eyes as we rocket into space and take a look at our galaxy. We will
research stars, planets, The Moon and Sun, what they do and how they affect our Earth. The children will be transported into space with a visit from the Wonder Dome and they will spend a night under the stars, stargazing with their friends and family.

Term 1 & 2 Medium Term Plan: Journey to the Americas/Space

We take pride in our learning
Theme: Curiosity
 Term 3: Vicious Vikings

Jump back in time with us as we explore and learn all about the Vikings and their way of life while they struggled for the Kingdom of England right up to the time of Edward the Confessor. We will be taking our newfound knowledge and information to not only be creating timelines about the Vikings, but to also compare and contrast the different eras of Vikings. Taking our historical research skills further, we will be evaluating a variety of primary and secondary sources in order to best understand life at that time. We will be developing our art and design skills by planning, designing and then creating our very own Viking Longboats and shields while using numerous different techniques to create different textural and patterned effects, including Batik!

Term 3 Medium Term Plan:

We take pride in our learning
Theme: Autonomy
 Term 4: Terrible Tudors

The Terrible Tudors - But, why have they been nicknamed the Terrible Tudors? The children will be delving into the answer to
this, and many other questions. As we explore the Tudor world, along the way we will meet some important Tudor figures,
including Henry VIII, and we find out more about one of our most famous monarchs. If we have ever said a child’s property has “vanished into thin air”, we are unknowingly quoting Shakespeare, so we will also be meeting The Bard himself; taking a look at his life, accolades and how he has shaped the lives we lead today. Giving the lives of the Tudors a modern twist, the children
will write and perform their own rap about what life was like in Tudor times.

Term 4 Medium Term Plan: Tudors

We care for our community
Themes: Creativity and Collaboration
Terms 5 and 6: Survival

For our final topic of the year, the children will be turned into Bear Grylls clones by becoming survival experts. By researching and experimenting with how explorers might be able to make safe drinking water, the children will learn about separating materials and changing states of matter. Becoming young entrepreneurs, the children will design their own survival kit for budding explorers. However, in this very competitive marketplace and the children will need to ensure that their design really stands out from
the crowd. Exploring the tropics, we will become experts in the flora and fauna that are to be found in these biomes and also have the opportunity to build shelters that could withstand the elements. Who knows, we could even test these out with a night under the stars! In our very own version of Bushtucker Trials, the children may also have to try some weird and wonderful food that could be the key to their survival should they ever become stranded!