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Year 5 Curriculum Map

Ancient Egypt

Year 5 Medium Term Plans -  Terms 1 & 2An exciting start to the year, we will be travelling through time to Ancient Egypt. As archaeologists, we will uncover hidden truths from artefacts, interpret the true meaning of hieroglyphics, and see what lies in the tombs of the great pyramids… a mummy perhaps? Learning all about the daily lives of Ancient Egyptians, we will focus on different sources of evidence and even take part in a royal banquet!

Crime and Punishment

After Christmas, we will become detectives...our very own Sherlock Holmes! We will follow clues to investigate and form conclusions on a variety of cases that span decades to modern times. What was it like to be a slave? What was it like to be a witch? What gruesome ways were crimes dealt with throughout history? How does our justice system work today? Step into Year 5 to find out...if you dare….


For the summer term, we embark on an adventure where only the most daring survive. We will take to the deserts, jungles and out of space, where we will explore what real survival means! We will be looking at true stories, as well as following advice from real experts through a variety of cross-curricular methods, venturing outside to brave the elements whenever possible!