Our Children


Our vision for Geography at Repton Manor Primary School

The story of Geography at Repton Manor Primary School is one of adventure; as the children explore their local environments, the United Kingdom and the wider world. Our children will develop their questioning skills as they discover more about the Earth and the affect human activity has on it. We will go outside and investigate the world around us, working in collaboration with our peers and becoming curious of our beautiful world.

How do we teach Geography?

Geography is taught through meaningful links to Year Group Topics, enabling children to explore geographical concepts and to make links to the wider curriculum. Children have many opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. This includes helping to develop our wonderful outside classroom consisting of a pond, fire-pit and fledgling wooded area.

For more information about Geography at Repton Manor Primary School, please contact our Geography Leader, Sophie Hughes.

Curriculum Group: The Humanities

Our Vision:

We inspire children to have an ongoing and growing curiosity to develop an understanding of our world and what shapes it.

Through The Humanities curriculum we:

  • Ignite a desire to enquire through memorable experiences.
  • Foster mutual respect and tolerance of people, places and perceptions.
  • Inspire critical thinking to question and challenge.