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Opal Playtimes - January 2023

10 January
Look at what we have been up to during our playtimes so far this term...

So far this term we have had great fun during our Opal playtimes.

We have been enjoying our new role play shop, our new digging area and our new loose parts.  

Look at the photos to see how much fun we are having and how much we are learning - although we may be a little muddy, we are definitely learning.

Can you see us showing these skills?

  • We are learning about the world around us.
  • We are building and creating.
  • We are keeping ourselves fit and healthy (digging, climbing, balancing).
  • We are working together and helping one another.
  • We are communicating.
  • We are risk assessing in the moment.
  • We are making new friends.
  • We are exploring.
  • We are building our confidence and self-esteem.
  • We are learning to be independent.
  • We are being curious.


Look at these videos of us having fun and learning outside in our playtimes.


New discoveries!

Fun in the tyres!