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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)
Our vision for MFL at Repton Manor Primary School

As the world around us becomes smaller and more accessible, it provides a wonderful opportunity for children to increase their ability to communicate as well as to explore and deepen their understanding of different cultures.  With France as our closest neighbour, we have chosen to teach French throughout Key Stage 2.

We want to foster excitement and confidence in our children as they use and adapt a language to suit different purposes.

Aims of the MFL Curriculum:
  • To build enjoyment of learning a language.
  • To grow confidence and fluency in communication.
  • To broaden and deepen the four core skills of language learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing, including the use of grammatical structures.
  • To seek to build links across the curriculum, where these skills can support other areas of pupils’ learning.
How do we teach MFL?

All languages are learned initially through listening and talk before reading and writing begins.  At Repton Manor we aim to reflect this in our teaching of French.  Pupils will build confidence with speaking and listening skills and progress into reading and writing using key questions to build familiarity and confidence with the language.

It is not only important to learn to build the ability to communicate in another language but to build an appreciation of that country’s culture.  There are plenty of opportunities to explore the culture of France across the curriculum and we seek to do this in meaningful ways, linking to each year group’s wider curriculum where possible.

We use the National Curriculum and SALUT program to create our French lessons, providing opportunities for pupils to make links across year groups and to share their learning with each other. 

We look forward to playing games, singing songs, dressing up and role playing our way through French as the children progress from Year 3 to Year 6!

For more information about MFL at Repton Manor Primary School, please contact our MFL Leader, Helen Jakeman.

Curriculum Group: Communication and Language

Our Vision:

A child took a stroll through the Repton Manor wood, the child saw a book and the book looked good.

The child read the book and met:

  • An owl who developed the child’s voice and communication.
  • A snake who inspired a joy of language and literature.
  • A fox who taught the child to be bold, brave and free.