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Pupil Premium

Our Vision

At Repton Manor Primary School we aim to ensure that our whole school vision is accessible for all our children; including those in receipt of Pupil Premium funding.

  • I am important to my school and my school is important to me.
  • I feel safe, healthy and cared for
  • I enjoy learning because it is fun and exciting
  • I am proud of myself and believe I can do my very best
  • I am learning about the people and world around me
  • I celebrate learning with my family and my community

All children need a champion. At Repton Manor we pride ourselves on the excellent relationships all staff have with individuals. With this in mind, our vision is to offer all vulnerable children an identified champion to encourage, mentor, know their needs, interests and barriers so that spending is personalised.

As a school we acknowledge that high quality teaching is fundamental to the outcomes for all our pupils. We invest in a high quality staff team, who aim to provide excellent learning opportunities and experiences to enrich the children’s understanding of the world they live in, preparing them for their future.

It is our privilege to work alongside our children and their families, and welcoming them into the ‘Repton family’.

Understanding the barriers

The Sutton Trust Research highlights the importance of first identifying the barriers to learning. We have considered the barriers to learning for disadvantaged pupils and as a school understanding that not all pupils who are socially disadvantaged are registered for Free School Meals and therefore we look to also support children who we consider disadvantaged. In our school the following barriers have been identified

  • The emotional wellbeing of our children can severely affect their ability to access learning.
  • A restricted vocabulary effecting their communication, and their ability to access reading and writing
  • Limited access to wider opportunities and experiences
  • Developing healthy relationships and interactions
  • For our KS2 children, their mobility between schools
  • A good start to the day


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