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Key Person Approach

One of the biggest part teachers at Repton Manor Nursery play is being a key person. This role means they will build a supportive relationship between key children and themselves. The key person role is a fundamental part of high quality practice and it ensures that all children have someone they can trust within the setting. The aim of the system is to provide each child attending the setting with an assigned adult. The key person has not only the personal records to complete, but the main focus is a personal and positive relationship. The key person attends to the child’s physical needs and gets to know the child well, understanding their preferences.

A good relationship with the parents is also important, they are able to share information surrounding their interest and individual needs. This approach is so important for social and emotional development with these new relationships children are able to feel confident in nursery knowing there is someone close by they trust to help and educate them.

If you have any queries if want to discuss your child's development, Your child’s Key Person is always available, at pick up and drop offs. Or arrange with them to have a meeting if needed.