Parent Information



We offer:

  • Discussions with staff everyday on drop off and pick up, plus parents' evenings
  • "Famly" app so you can message us easily, see what your child is doing at nursery and get updates from nursery that you can access on your phone, tablet or PC. 
  • Parents Notice Board—Inside the setting
  • Childs Tray—pictures and some information placed in here

Children can enjoy a delicious, healthy and freshly produced meal, prepared for us by Independent Catering. There are many options to choose from per day.  Menus are available from the link. 

Settling In

When your child starts, we will work with you to ensure that your child feels settled and comfortable. This will be tailored to your own routines and times that you feel will best suit the needs of your child. You will also have spent time with your child’s key person and discussed all the important things that make your child happy and content. We will use the getting to know you form whilst your child is settling in as a starting point. This enables us to give your child the best possible start at the nursery, as you will have provided valuable information about them as an individual.

A day in the life of a child at Repton Manor Nursery

Morning Session



Settling in children


Free play/Child Initiated

Children are able to access activities of their choosing and play alongside other children and practitioners. The environment is set up using children interests and supports all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. During this time the children can access the outdoor area at all times (weather permitting)
9.30 approx circle time - greeting and a joint activity 


During free play a rolling snack bar will be taking place where your child can have a light snack including fruit, carbs and other healthy treats. We will be serving only milk and water for drinks. The children will not be taken away from their play but kindly reminded to have a snack when they please.


Tidy up time

Children are encouraged to tidy up any activities/games they have out ready for Sing time.


Group Time

This is an adult led activity which has planned goals for children to achieve. These activities are informed by the children’s interests and look to support their learning in all areas of The Early Years Foundation Stage.


Story Time

Story before home time
Lunch: 11.45am - 12.15pm
Afternoon Session
12.15pm Arrival
12.20pm-2.10pm Free Play / Child Initiated (Including Snack Bar)
1pm approx circle time 
2.30pm-2.40pm Tidy up time
2.40pm-3.05pm Group time
3.05pm-3.15pm Story/Home time


Please send your child in clothes that are easy for your child to take on and off promoting independence. Especially when toileting, clasps, belts and buckles can make it difficult to toilet. Shoes with Velcro give your child the opportunity to change between footwear independently. Please can all belongings, coats bags and wellies be named ensuring all items are returned with your child. At Repton Manor Nursery we ask you not to dress children in their `best' because many activities in the nursery are messy and although we provide aprons, they cannot be expected to protect every bit of children's clothing.