Nursery Term Dates 2019-20


Term One

Tuesday 3/9/19- Friday 18/10/19



training day 1

2nd Sept 



Term Two

Monday 28/10/19 – Monday 16/12/19


Closed 17/12/19

training day 2


Please note school next door is shut on Monday 16th December.


Term Three

Monday 6/1/20- Friday 14/2/20

Please note school next door is shut on 14th February

but we are open.


Term Four

Monday 24/2/20- Wednesday 1/4/20



training day 3 

2nd April


Term Five

Thursday 16/4/20- Friday 22/5/20


Monday 4th May shut for Monday children but open to the children who usually come on Fridays.

Friday 8th May shut for altered Bank Holiday 


Term Six

Monday 1/6/20- Monday 21/7/20


Please note primary school next door shut on 26th June.


9/6/20 training day 4- used for our outing 

22/7/20 training day used for graduation and leavers party

You may notice the term dates are very different from schools. This is to ensure all children get their 38 weeks early education. We have tried to keep it as close to the school dates as possible.

Please take notice of dates we are open and closed and enter in your calendar.