Home Learning

Weekly Home Learning

We believe that Home Learning is a vital way to support and extend the learning that is happening in school.  We have planned a system of Home Learning which we feel our children (and parents) will enjoy and thrive from.  For this to be fully effective, though, we need parents support and we ask that parents work through the following tasks with their child; supporting and extending their learning as is necessary.

Each week our children will be expected to:

  • Read every day to an adult.
    Our children will bring home a school reading book and a library book of their choice which they will be expected to read and discuss with an adult every night.  We ask parents to make a note of their reading each night in their Home-School Contact Book.  To encourage the children to read every night at home, all children will receive a book mark with spaces to collect stickers.  Children in Key Stage One and Reception will be able to change their reading book on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If their Home-School Contact Book shows that they have read every day, they will receive a sticker on each of these days.  Children in Key Stage Two will be able to change their book daily, and their daily reading will be checked on a Friday, with a sticker being given to those who have read every day at home.  At the end of every half term, we will reward those children who have read every day with prizes which will be given out in a special celebration assembly.
  • Complete a Spelling task.
    All children will be sent home with a list of spellings to learn at home.  They will also have a short spelling task to complete in their Home Learning books. Spellings will be set each Friday and Home Learning books will be collected in each Thursday, ready for marking.  There will be an informal spelling test each week to allow teachers to assess the children’s progress.
  • Complete a Maths task.
    A short Maths task will also be sent home each week on a Friday.  The tasks will be ability based, but will aim to develop our children’s confidence with number.  As with the spellings, all tasks will be due in on Thursdays, ready for marking, and the children’s progress will be tested informally in class.

Topic Home Learning

In addition to the above tasks, Topic Home Learning tasks will be sent home when Topics are launched (on the first day of each new topic).  Children will be given a choice of tasks which are suited to different learning styles (e.g. learning alone, learning through reading, writing and speaking, learning through art, etc) and they will be expected to complete at least one of the tasks. 

All tasks will be explained to the children before the sheets are sent home, but we ask parents to speak to their child’s teacher if they have any further questions.  The children will be given the length of the entire topic to complete the tasks (two weeks for a Science topic or three to four weeks for other topics), so that they can really focus on completing a high quality piece of work, ready to be shared with their own and other classes.  We ask that parents support their children with these tasks, and encourage them to complete the work in as much detail as they can.

All topic Home Learning will be displayed in school and prizes will be given for the best pieces of Home Learning from each class.

All Home Learning tasks will be differentiated according to the age and ability of our children and we would expect the quality of home learning produced to reflect this too.  As a rough guide, we would expect children in Key Stage One to spend approximately one hour a week completing Home Learning tasks, children in Years Three and Four to spend approximately fifteen to twenty minutes per night completing Home Learning  and children in Years Five and Six to spend approximately 30 minutes per night.

A Quick Overview


  • The first 2 weeks of each half term are Science Topics.
  • The rest of the half terms are broader whole-school Topics.

Weekly Home Learning

Reading every night to an adult.

  • Adults will record reading in Home-School Contact Books.

  • Children who read every night will collect stickers, ready for a prize giving assembly.

  • Key Stage One and Reception changing book days – Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Spelling and Maths tasks.

  • Set on Friday, due in on Thursday.

Topic Home Learning

  • Choices of tasks will be set on day 1 of each topic, of which children must complete at least one task.

  • Children will have the remainder of the topic to complete high-quality pieces of learning.

  • Prizes will be given in a special celebration assembly.

  • Home-Learning will be due in on the last Tuesday of the topic.