At Repton Manor Primary School, we believe that children learn best when subject matter is related to content that engages and excites them.  We have worked very hard to design a 

curriculum which is fun and exciting and which supports, challenges and extends all of our children’s learning.  We believe that the best way to do this is through the teaching of inspiring topics, which reinforce basic skills and which lead to high achievement for all.  We have worked hard to design a unique two-year rolling cycle of Topics which ensure that children cover a wide range of skills and knowledge during their time at Repton Manor.

When designing our unique Topic curriculum, we did so around the needs and interests of the children that attend Repton Manor Primary School.  We have aimed to create a curriculum which:

  • Fully engages all pupils
  • Provides meaningful learning opportunities through experiences that children remember and talk about
  • Prepares our children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life
  • Teaches our children key Life Skills e.g. independence, resilience, enquiry etc.
  • Promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, social and physical development of our children
  • Promotes the acquisition of core skills for learning
  • Provides depth in coverage of skills in all subject areas
  • Enables children to see the links between subject areas
  • Allows children’s gifts and talents to be fully explored and celebrated
  • Encourages greater parental and community involvement
  • Encourages greater use of outdoor learning / a range of learning styles

Our children will experience a range of different Topics throughout their time at Repton Manor Primary School.  Wherever possible, we teach our foundation subjects through theTopics.  Not all subjects can naturally ‘fit’ within a Topic, though, and so, to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum, these subjects aresometimes taught discretely.  For example, not everything in Religious Education links effectively within a Topic and so this can be taught separately, but is taught by the same teacher and links are made whenever possible.


In order to create Awe and Wonder throughout our Topics, each Topic follows the following format:

Stunning Start

Each Topic begins with a Stunning Start, where teachers introduce the Topic to the children in an exciting way.  This could be through a trip, a visitor,or a scene or experience created at Repton Manor.  Usually, the Topic is a surprise to the children until this point.



Big Challenges / Big Questions

All of the learning that the children are asked to complete in their lessons will have a purpose and a real meaning which is relevant for our children.  We feel that our children should know why they are learning various skills and that they should learn for a purpose.  In each Topic, the children are presented with a variety of Big Challenges / Questions to solve.  These give an exciting purpose to the children’s learning.  Often, the children will become involved in planning the Topic as they will explore what they need to learn in order to solve the Big Challenge or to answer the Big Question.  The children learn various skills, in a variety of subject areas, in order to complete these challenges.



Mind Map of skills

Each child will complete a Mind Map in their Topic book which will be added to throughout the Topic.  Their Mind Map will enable them to recall and to re-use the skills that they have learnt in future lessons and Topics.  Often, these skills will be learnt very practically and so there may not be another piece of learning in their book related to this skill.  For this reason, their Mind Map is a crucial reminder of the skills that they have learnt.

Inspiring lessons

All of our lessons have a purpose for the children.  The children will always be aware of why it is important to learn the various skills that they are being taught.  Often, they will need the skill to solve their Big Challenge / Question.  Our skilled teachers think carefully about their children’s interests and needs when planning their lessons and they deliver lessons which engage children and excite them.  The lessons are delivered using a variety of learning styles and the needs of all learners are planned for in depth.


Marvellous Middle

The middle of each Topic is celebrated with a Marvellous Middle.  This is another event which inspires the children and which keeps the Topic alive for the children.  Sometimes, the Marvellous Middle can involve a visitor or a trip, and other times it could involve an event or a production which the children are working towards.



Fabulous Finish

Each Topic ends with a Fabulous Finish, where the children are given opportunities to present their learning in interesting and varied ways.  The Fabulous Finish is the finale to all of our Topics.  This usually involves the children working towards a grand sharing of the learning that they have produced in their Topics.  It could involve a production or an event led by the children.  Often, the Fabulous Finish will involve parents and / or the community


Learning Environment

Our teachers create awe and wonder for the children through the learning environment which they create inside and outside of the classrooms.  Each classroom door is decorated for the current Topic.  Often, the children are involved in creating this design and in decorating their classroom Topic door.  Throughout the term, the classrooms are then transformed into the Topic being taught.  The children’s amazing learning is celebrated on display and book areas are often created to fit the theme.  Our corridors are also transformed by our children’s Topic learning.  At the end of each Topic, the children plan with the teachers which learning they would like to display in the corridors, and they then work as a team to create these fabulous displays.

Home Learning

Our children complete some amazing Home Learning projects with their families.  Each term they are given a choice of learning activities, encompassing a variety of learning styles, for their Home Learning.  These are all centred around their Topic.  Some of these tasks will be practical, but all will require the children to learn in different ways and to demonstrate a variety of different skills across different subject areas.  We encourage our children to choose tasks which require different learning styles for each Topic as we hope that not only will it encourage them to develop skills in new areas, but it will also enable them to showcase areas that they have particular strengths and talents in.



In Years 1 to 6, our Topics run on a 2 year rolling cycle: Cycle A and Cycle B.  Year R have a single cycle of Topics.  All of our Topics are planned to inspire and to enthuse the children in those particular year groups.  See below for an outline of our current Topics.  Please click on the Topic titles to see a more detailed view of the links to the National Curriculum.






Getting To Know You

Traditional Tales


Alien Worlds

I Am A Superhero

Park Rangers

All At Sea

A chance for the new Reception children to get to know each other, their likes and dislikes and the routines within their new school.

A very special storyteller visitor has muddled all of her stories. Can the children learn them in time to post them back to her through the magical fairy door?

The Elves need the children’s help to get ready for Christmas. Will they be able to solve their challenges in time to help the Elves? Let’s find out in the children’s Christmas show.

Some aliens have crash landed on the school field. Will the children be able to build a suitable rocket to enable the aliens to get home?

Can the children solve the weekly missions in order to become a real life superhero? I wonder what their superpowers will be!

A park ranger needs the children’s help to look after the animals in the park. Will they be able to keep the animals safe and grow, look after and release the Repton butterflies? Can they hatch and look after their own baby ducklings before releasing them into the Rawling Retreat?

Can the children earn their pirate status by gaining their pirate’s licence? Only the pirates can grant this special licence which will be needed to attend the Repton Pirate Day.






Years 1 and 2

Cycle A

Into The Woods


Lost World

If you go down to the woods today, what will you find? What will the children discover on their journey through the woods in the different seasons? Will they be able to guide Father Christmas safely through the woods in order to save Christmas and deliver his presents? Let’s find out in their very own Nativity play.

Can the children complete ‘Random Acts Of Kindness’ in order to become real life Superheroes? Will they become superhero masters by learning about heroes in our community and in history? All Superheroes need a costume and a cape; we look forward to seeing our Repton Superheroes in their catwalk show.

We have our very own Archaeologists in school! Can the children discover what happened to the dinosaurs by uncovering and exploring the bones and fossils found in the excavation site? Can the children master all of the skills needed to become a world class explorer and then demonstrate these skills to train their apprentices in order to find the fossils?

Cycle B

Near, Far, Wherever You Are



A special Saint visitor requires the children to research their history before they go marching in.   Can the children research what Saints are and create their own Coat of Arms for a Saint? Can they research the countries that the Saints are from and learn about their identities and traditions? Can they discover what makes The United Kingdom united and then create a float for their chosen country for the UK Carnival? Finally, will the children discover all that is needed about Christmas around the world, so that they can perform their own nativity around this theme?

What will the children feel when they compare their own toys to those of the past? Which are the best toys? Can the children use their toy making skills to explore the materials and functions of toys, their design and appeal, before making their own toys?   Can the children put their 21st century skills to the test to make an electronic game on the computer?   The children will then need to help Mr Monopoly to explore a range of board games, evaluate them and create an Ashford version of the game, which they can advertise and play in their very own Monopoly Games afternoon.

Who has the biggest Roar? Who should become the next King of Pride Rock?   Can the children compare the different animals and their adaptations to discover who is the bravest and cleverest of them all? Will they discover the joy of the Circle of Life? Our very own ecologists will need to put all of their skills to the test as they are faced with the challenge of creating the perfect habitat for their very own King. All future Kings need a coronation; we look forward to seeing our own Lions dancing, performing songs and singing in the future Repton Kings Coronation.






Years 3 and 4

Cycle A

Hike To Hogwarts



Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin; which house will the sorting hat assign the children to? The children will need to master the skills needed to create a scene fit for Hogwarts before creating a magic potion suitable for a Hogwarts Wizard. Music and a fabulous feast await in the Great Hall as our very own Repton Wizards display their new found magical talents.

The children will be lost in their very own dream world as they become real life animators. Can they help the characters to solve their various problems?   Alex, Marty and Melman have lost the zoo and are stuck in Madagascar, Shrek’s swamp has been plummeted into darkness and needs a new light circuit and Pinocchio needs help to stop telling lies. Can the children create masks and master the skills needed to enter their very own dream world in their end of term Shrek play?

What will the children discover through the magical wardrobe doors? Which creatures and habitats will they encounter in the mystical world of Narnia?   How will their senses develop as they discover the hidden depths of this mystical land? What sounds will they hear? Can the children become masters and effective leaders in their very own created magical kingdom?

Cycle B

Ice Age



The land has frozen over and the children need to become explorers within our frozen Earth. Can they investigate the climates in the different parts of the world as they join Ernest Shackleton on his latest expedition to the Antarctic? Will they discover the forces at work as they make their way on this magnificent journey? Will they discover the importance of light to the different cultures that they meet? All explorers need entertainment! The children will need to create their own musical piece to represent the winter wonderlands that they travel through. Finally, they will need to design and create their very own Winter Wonderland through which they can travel on the Repton Polar Express.

As Mr Wonka retires, he is looking for a new owner for his Chocolate Factory. Can the children investigate all that they need to know about how chocolate is made and the chocolate industry? Will they be able to negotiate truly fair and ethical prices for their cocoa beans? The children will need to design some new spectacular chocolate bars, which taste delicious, are cost effective, are well packaged and are advertised effectively.   After visiting various successful chocolate establishments and running an advertising campaign for their own new and delicious chocolate bars, will the children be successful in the opening of the new Repton Chocolate Factory?

What does it mean to be truly Brave?   Will the children be successful when they join Merida on her quest to discover the true meaning of courage?   Can the children explore brave heroes of our past and present? Which creatures face brave encounters each day? Who are our heroes of the past? They will need to research and debate how courageous the Romans were in their invasion of Britain before our very own Repton Romans embark on a Roman battle. Will they be able to establish their own successful Roman town? The children will also need to discover how heroic the Ancient Greeks were in the Olympic games. How brave will our historians find the people of Troy in the Trojan War?   Will they display just as much bravery in their own Repton Games? We look forward to witnessing the growth of the heroes of our future.






Years 5 and 6

Cycle A

Welcome To The Jungle

The Mayans

Do The Crime, Pay The Time

Lights, Camera, Action!

A wreckage has been discovered deep in the jungle and the children now need to use their survival skills to save the stranded. Can they solve the web-quest to learn about life on the island? Can they create their own island with its own rules and values? Can they provide sufficient food to the inhabitants? Let’s find out in their ‘Around the Island in an Afternoon’ session.

Can our mini Archaeologists uncover the artefacts and solve the clues about this mysterious civilisation?   What can they discover about life as a Mayan? The children will need to build houses in a Mayan style, cook like Mayans and delve into the depths of their beliefs before they create their own Mayan temples.

A crime scene has been discovered at Repton Manor and some illegal graffiti has been discovered. Can the children use their crime solving skills to find the culprit? The children will need to learn about law through the ages before visiting a jail and becoming a member of the jury in the Repton trial. Can the children discover what life as a prisoner is like?   Who will the children agree with when the defence states that the graffiti was a work of art? Find out in their very own Street Art Gallery.

Our very own thespians are working hard to discover what life in a theatre is like. Can they discover all that is involved behind the scenes and on stage? The children will delve into the history of theatre and discover how it has changed through the ages and in different countries. Can the children discover how to turn a book into a production?   Let’s find out as they produce their own animation, write their own scripts, design and make their own props, music and dance routines before mastering the skills needed to produce a theatrical master piece for their end of year production which will be performed to a live audience.

Cycle B

The Invention Of Hugo Cabret

The Shang Dynasty Of Ancient China

The children are about to embark on a journey; a very special journey in Paris, through the eyes of Hugo. Orphan, clock keeper, and thief, twelve-year-old Hugo lives in the walls of a busy Paris train station, where his survival depends on secrets and anonymity. But when his world suddenly interlocks with an eccentric girl and the owner of a small toy booth in the train station, Hugo’s undercover life, and his most precious secret, are put in jeopardy. A cryptic drawing, a treasured notebook, a stolen key, a mechanical man, and a hidden message all come The Invention of Hugo Cabret. The children will need to put their invention skills into play as they explore moving toys and then create their own automatons which will appear in their very own film, created by them, written by them, with their own composed musical accompaniment.

Can our own Repton Historians discover the hidden truths of Qin Shi Huang Di and his terracotta army? Can they discover more about the reign of China’s first emperor through this wonderful source? Can they use their historical skills to discover more about the Great Wall of China and how and why it was built?   The children will put their skills of debate to the test as they debate how effective the wall has been.   The children will need to explore a whole host of Ancient Chinese traditions before they create and celebrate their very own Chinese New Year party, along with a feast to devour, music to enjoy, a dance to watch and masks to wear.


Malala Yousafzai said “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” Through our curriculum we strive to provide our children with the life skills and experiences that they need to grow into kind, caring and responsible citizens of the future and with the independence, confidence and resilience to change their world.

If you would like to find out any more about our Topic curriculum, please ask any of our children or staff or contact the curriculum leader, Mrs Chambers.