Governing Body

The Governing Body of a school is responsible for ensuring that it is run to promote pupil progress and achievement. Its duties include:

  • Setting strategic direction, policies and objectives.
  • Approving the school budget, and reviewing progress against the school's budget and objectives as set out in the school improvement plan.
  • Appointing, challenging and supporting the head teacher.

Repton Manor primary School Governing Body is dedicated to working in partnership with the management of the school in order to ensure that all children have access to an excellent education and that the school always strives for continued progress in all areas for all children and groups of children.

The governing body is proud of the schools ethos towards learning but also it's dynamic attitude towards community inclusion and involvement with helping our children learn, have fun learning and improving social and physical awareness.

The Governing Body constitution from 1st September 2015 is:

  • 2 parent governors (elected by parent nomination process and appointed by the governing body)
  • 1 Head Teacher (appointed by the governing body)
  • 1 staff representative (elected by school staff and appointed by the governing body)
  • 1 local authority governor (appointed by the governing body and elected by the local authority)
  • 8 co-opted governors (appointed by the governing body as members with skills useful to the governing body)
  • 2 partnership governors (members of the local community appointed by the governing body).

The Governing body deligates some responsibilities for monitoring of the Full Governing body to the Teaching and Learning Committee and the Resources Committee:

Teaching and Learning Committee (chair Rebecca Smith) - Responsible for monitoring pupils and groups progress and acheivement, against School Improvment plan and national targets as well as understanding the needs of the children within the school and ensuring the school meets those educational needs as best it can.  Agree school policies relevant to the committee.

Resources Committee (chair Simon Tilby) - To monitor and agree the school 3 year budget annually, ensuring spending complies with national and local requirements. Benchmark spending to ensure best value as well as spending in line with school improvement plan targets.  To monitor the staffing structure and ensure efficient and well managed personnel to maximise school results with well established well being of the staff mantained.  Agree school policies relevant to the committee.

Attendance in school

During the last academic year 2016/17 the Governing Board met 11 times where the Head teacher reported to Governors on the Curriculum, Finance, Health and Safety, Premises and Staffing matters to be challenged, discussed and reviewed.

In addition to meetings the Governors visited the school last year to:

  • take part in training,
  • observe curriculum leaders, pupils and staff,
  • Carry out health and safety inspections
  • confirm the implementation of school policies,
  • become acquainted with the school,
  • monitor attendance, child protection and school financial procedures,
  • meet local residents, community groups and parent forums
  • take part in school events and support the school, staff and volunteers
  • Engage in Learning walks during the school day to monitor the school Improvement Plan,
  • Visit the school, talk to parents, staff and discuus/investigate our ethos statement to ensure it still represents the school,
  • Visit the school, talk to parents, staff and discuss/investigate our committment to British Values and how the school curriculum and ethos represents this. 

From our first Ofsted and beyond ...

We received our first Ofsted inspection in December 2013 with at least good in all categories and outstanding for behaviour of our students with an overall rating of good.  This represented an excellent start to our academic history and is testament to the hard work and dedication of our leadership team, teachers and all the staff whom embraced our ethos for learning and values.  During 2014/15 we worked to improve on the Ofsted areas together with our school improvement plan targets with vigour and commitment to our young learners with some very pleasing progress data overall for the year end.  Additionally to our work load the governing body during 2015/16 have investigated by consultion with the school, community, parents and pupils whether our school represents its stated ethos and how to establish a curriculum and school environment that encapsulates British Values but benefits the children and their learning in line with our school ethos and vision.  It was pleasing to hear the parents views on this subject and confirm after the time since our inception that the school still holds and encapulates its vision statement. Since the curriculum changes during 2015/16 we continue to embed outstanding practice within the classroom and ensure that all indivdual pupils progress in an accelerated rate and continue the positive Repton story felt by all our pupils whether they have been with us since Reception or joined us later.  Over recent times we have embedded our learning based ethos with learning at the heart of our strategy, for good attainment will follow outstanding learning and our home grown student progress measures have confirmed that our methods and ethos are successful.  We continue to innovate child centred learning and be a centre for child nurture. 

Health, Safeguarding and Wellbeing

The Governing Body and school are committed to Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people, and require staff and volunteers to demonstrate this commitment in every aspect of their work.

We have extensive Safeguarding, Child Protection, Behaviour Management policies and procedures in place to safeguard our students from harm. Throughout the year staff and the Governing Body received Child Protection and Safeguarding training to up date on existing skills and this is kept under review annually or earlier if there are changes to government legislation.

Our security and access systems have been designed to ensure the safety of the children whilst on the school premises.  All visitors to the school are also issued with visitor badges with signing in and out procedures in place.

The school continues to carry out DBS checks for staff and volunteers to the site in order to safeguard our pupils. The school reports annually to Governors on Safeguarding and Child Protection processes which are in place at the school.

The school carries out regular health and safety risk assessments for the premises. Fire drills take place each half term and rigorous risk assessments are also carried out for all visits and trips.

Wayne Wills

Chair of Governors


Clerk to the Governing Body

Jacqui Wapshott as a member of KCC Clerking Service has supported the school since inception and continues to be a valued member of our team                                                                    

Wayne Wills

Chair of Governors

Partnership Governor

Contact –

Member on all committees 

Member of the school sponsors directed to designing and opening Repton School, Local businessman, resident and continued ambassador for Repton Manor Primary.  Active member of KCC Local Lead Governors helping local governing bodies and chairs of governing bodies.

Matt Rawling

Head Teacher

Staff Governor

Contact –

Member on all committees

As Head teacher, I work with the governing body by developing our strategic school plan and report to our governors on the progress against the agreed objectives.

Kathy Atkinson

Co-Opted Governor

Member Resources team

Local Resident with experience in schools and currently engages with Repton running Playball club.

Kate Lamb

Health & Safety Governor

Co-Opted Governor

Member Resources team

Local Resident and parent of child in school working as employed Health and Safety auditor

Rebecca Smith

Chair of Teaching & Learning Committee

Parent Governor

Local resident

Balca Gursoy

Parent Governor

Term 4 years ends 31/08/20

Local resident

David Lea

Partnership Governor

Child Protection Governor

Member Teaching & Learning team

Local resident, Retired

Simon Tilby

Vice Chair of Governors

Chair Resources Committee

Co-Opted Governor

Local resident, Compliance officer in Lloyds of London insurance market.

Linzi Alexander

Staff Governor

Member Teaching & Learning team

Class Teacher

Sharon Perera

Authority Governor

SEN Governor 

Member Teaching & Learning Team

Educational advisor at Canterbury Christchurch University

Steven Rew

Co-Opted Governor

Member Resources team

Local Resident and Parent of child in School, Health and Safety Officer and Head Biomedical Scientist Haematology, Blood Transfusion and Phlebotomy Services.  Clinical Study Director for Pathology Divisional Health and Safety Lead – Clinical Support Services.

Cathy Houchin

Co-Opted Governr

Member Resources team

Manager of local Waitrose Supermarket
Vacancy Co-Opted Governor  
Vacancy Co-Opted Governor  
Vacancy Co-Opted Governor  
Name/Office and Business Interests 4 Year Term of Office Completes Business Interests 2017 – 2018 (Signed 19 September 2017) Responsibilities
PARENT GOVERNORS appointed by the parents of children on roll at the school
Mrs Balca Gursoy 31   August 2020 Underwriter at Somp & Lansplus

Member of Chartered Insurance Institute

GB/Teaching & Learning Team
Mrs Rebecca Smith
(Vice Chair)
31 August 2020 None GB/Chair of Teaching & Learning Team
LOCAL AUTHORITY GOVERNOR recommended by the LA but appointed by the Governing Body
Mrs Sharon Perera 28 November 2020 University of Greenwich Teaching & Learning Team
Mr Wayne Wills 18 September 2021

Business owner of W Wills Ltd
Chair of the governing Board of Ashford Oaks Community Primary School

Chair of the Governing Board
Mr David Lea 20 March 2021 None GB/Teaching & Learning Team
Mr Matt Rawling 31 December 2111 Headteacher in School Headteacher in school
STAFF GOVERNOR appointed by employees of the school
Mrs Zoe Lewis 6 September 2022 Teacher in School GB/Resources
CO-OPTED GOVERNORS appointed by the Governing Body following a skills needs analysis
Mrs Kathryn Atkinson 28 November 2020 Ashford Leisure Trust - School Games GB/Teaching and Learning Team
Mr Simon Tilby 28 July 2020 None GB/Chair of Resources Team
Mr Darren Roper 16 July 2022 HM Forces, Army GB/Resources Team
Mr Leke Babalola 19 November 2022 None GB/Resources Team/Teaching & Learning Team

If you would like to contact the Governing body, please write to the school or email


edited Sept 2017