Summer Learning

Here are some tasks which you may like to complete during the Summer break:


Phyisical Activities

Obstacle Racing!

Garden Games - click here

Science Activities

Walking Water Experiment!

Floating water bottle experiment - click here.

Making dragon eggs - click here.

Light experiment - click here.

Making a lava lamp - click here.

Creating a rainbow experiment - click here.

Yeast balloon experiment - click here


Arts & Crafts Activities

How to make a fortune teller - click here.

How to make a tie dye t-shirt - click here

Create shadow art - click here

How to make a paper plane - click here

How to make a home-made kite - click here

Make your own marble run - click here.

Make your own play dough - click here

Lego rocket challenge - click here.

For some fun recycling activities - click here.

How to make butterfly snack bags - click here.


Nature Activities

Making a nature bracelet - click here

Nature scavenger hunt - click here.

How to make a bug hotel - click here

How to make a bird feeder - click here.


Puzzles & Brain Teasers

For some puzzles - click here.

For a code-breaker challenge - click here.

For a categories game - click here


Delicious Recipes

Tomato and basil tart - click here.

Scones - click here.

Cheesy shortbread - click here.

Cocoa mint meringues - click here.

Cookies - click here

Gingerbread  - click here. 

Story Zone