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Welcome to our home learning page where you will find all the content needed during this tough time.

Home Learning

Below are your year group tabs.  Please look within these to find your current learning.  You will need to select the tab for the relevant week.




Below is a video explaining our new system of Home Learning (starting week beginning Monday 4th May):


Below are shorter videos explaining each section of our new system of Home Learning.  We hope this makes navigation easier for you:






Active Learning:

Extended Learning - E-safety and Website:

Sending videos and photos to my teacher:


Early Reading

Mrs Mannering has created this useful pack of ideas for encouraging early reading. There are lots of ideas here for children in Reception and Key Stage One. Please see below or download from here.





Miss Lia has been working hard to create Repton Grooves videos for you to follow at home. We'd love to get the whole family joining in!


Repton Grooves 18th May


Repton Grooves 11th May


Repton Grooves 4th May


Repton Manor Grooves 27th April


Repton Manor Grooves 20th April


Repton Manor Grooves 6th April


Repton Manor Grooves 30th March


A little introduction to 'Repton Reads' for you all.  Join us every week for a new story ...




Year 5+6 Narrative Poetry:

The children in Mr Jobber's bubble have been working hard with their narrative poetry.  They have created some videos of their poems to share with you all.  Please see below:

Maddy's Poem:


Arwyn's Poem:



Mrs Morgan loves telling stories.  On this page she will tell a range of stories for different year groups within the school.


Mrs Morgan has created this video as a suggestion of an activity which you may like to complete.  She is very excited about this project - but needs your help to achieve it...

The Rainbow Keepers - Recommended for Year R, Year 1 and Year 2:

Mrs Morgan has made this video to tell the story of The Rainbow Keepers to Reception, Year One and Year Two.  Have a listen and then complete the relevant activities from the links below.

The Rainow Keepers story - click here.

Activities for Year R - click here.

Activities for Year 1 - click here.

Activities for Year 2 - click here.

The Stone Trolls - Recommended for Year 3 and Year 4:

Mrs Morgan has made this video to tell the story of The Stone Trolls to Year Three and Year Four.  Have a listen and then complete the relevant activities from the links below.

The Stone Trolls story - click here.

Activities for Year 3 - click here.

Activities for Year 4 - click here.

Find Me - Recommended for Year 5 and Year 6:

Mrs Morgan has made this video to tell the story of Find Me to Year Five and Year Six.  Have a listen and then complete the relevant activities from the links below.

Find Me story - click here.

Activities for Year 5 - click here.

Activities for Year 6 - click here.

Fun GPS games and acitivities for you to do at home.

Mrs Cutts has written these instructions for how to play Wordcraft for you - click here.

Click here for a game to help you learn how to spell high freqency words.

Click here for a "follow me" GPS card game.

Click here for some word puzzles.

Online resources

For some online games for Key Stage 1 children - click here.

For some online games for Key Stage 2 children - click here.

If you would like to play some other online GPS games - click here.


Resources for parents

If you would like to know the spelling for your child's year group please click on their year group below:

High frequency words

Years 1 & 2

Years 3 & 4

Years 5 & 6

If you would like a glossary of the terms that your child might be learning about - click here.

Mr Jobber has created some guides to support your child with learning their number facts. 



Counting in 2's:

Click here to find a guide with some useful activities to complete with your child to support them with learning to count in 2's.


Counting in 5's:

Click here to find a guide with some useful activities to complete with your child to support them with learning to count in 5's.


Learning your Number Bonds:

Click here to see some very useful suggestions of fun ways to engage your child in learning their number bonds.


Learning your Multiplication Tables:

When a child knows and really understands their multiplication tables, and is fluent in recalling these, they find most areas of Mathematics so much easier.  Click here to find a very useful table with lots of different suggestions of how you could support your child to learn their multiplication tables.




Here you will find videos and articles for Computing Home Learning.

Video Editing using iMovie on an iPad, iPhone or MacBook:

Miss Kemp has made this video editing tutorial for you, incase you wanted to create and edit a video for your Home Learning to send back to your year group emails.


Scratch Video

Miss Kemp has created this video to help you to use Scratch at home

You can find useful videos and articles here for Art lessons to carryout at home.  Please scroll down to make sure you see all the exercises you can do at home.


Tate Kids

Miss King has found some pages which she thinks you will enjoy on the Tate Kids website. 

Click here for a page full of ideas of things to make and new skills to learn.

Click here for a page which teaches you, and gives you lots of information, about different artists.

You may also like to explore further afield on this website as there are fun quizzes and games to take part in, some videos to watch and some galleries to explore.



Mrs Dearlove has created this document to teach you how to make a piece of artwork using the Zentangle method.  Click here.  She has included some photos of her own artwork to inspire you.



Mrs Dearlove has found this video of stippling for you. 

Look at the photos for artwork which Mrs Dearlove has produced using this technique


Jasper Johns - Painter exercise.

Jasper Johns (born May 15, 1930) is an American painter, sculptor and printmaker whose work is associated with abstract expressionism and pop art. He is well known for his depictions of the American flag and other US-related topics. Johns' works regularly sell for millions of dollars at sale and auction, including a reported $110 million sale in 2010. At multiple times works by Johns have held the title of most paid for a work by a living artist.

He is also known for his work using numbers. Younger children could be inspired by choosing just one number to colour, older children could layer up more than one number – maybe their date of birth, or family birthdays – to get a more complex result.
The website link below has a good explanation of what younger children could do. You do not need a number template, you can just draw out a big number – maybe their age?


Older children could try something more like these images. They would work best in acrylic paint, oil pastel or crayon, but really any colour would still look striking.

Please see Mrs Dearloves Number art below.


Draw a simple 3D hand

Draw a trick pop up letter, great for our Year 6's but anyone can have a go.

Mrs Sloan is a keen Scientist.  On this page she has added different videos to teach you how to create your own exciting Science experiments at home.

Cartesian Diver

Watch this video to learn how to make a Cartesian Diver. Mrs Sloan will explain the Science behind how to make your Diver float and sink.


Scribble Robot

Learn how to make a scribble robot with Mrs Sloan (adults - the resources needed in this video can be purchased from many online selling sites).


Volcanic eruption

Ever wanted to make a volcano erupt? Well, now you can.  Watch this video and Mrs Sloan will explain how.



Enjoy using red cabbage to make potions with Mrs Sloan.


Hologram Pyramid

Here, Mrs Sloan teaches you how to make a hologram pyramid.


The Magnus Effect

Mrs Sloan has created this video for you about The Magnus Effect.


Miss Alexander has created this information page to give you some ideas of fun ways to make music at home - click here.


Miss Alexander has created this Music video for you. It introduces a fantastic activity which links Music and Art.  


Mrs Jakeman is fluent in speaking Serbian.  She has made some videos to teach you some of the language too.

How to make a sandwich - Serbian


Mr Jobber has selected some websites that will extremely useful for home learning.


Online Lessons  
White Rose Maths are a collection of leading Maths researchers who have created a fantastic bank of free online lessons for children during Covid 19 under the ‘Home Learning’ tab on their website for children in EYFS, KS1, KS2 and KS3. Each lesson involves an online video lesson, a worksheet and answers. They are planning to continue to release 5 lessons a week for each year group whilst school closures are in place.

P.E with Joe – A live daily P.E lesson designed to be completed within your home led by Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, that aims to keep children (and parents) active and feeling energised. Lessons are live at 9:00am for a duration of 30 minutes.

Super Sentence Stacking – Free English lessons delivered from Jane Considine, author of The Write Stuff, every weekday like from Youtube during school closures. Jane sets pupils a writing task after delivering a brief input.

BBC Bitesize KS2 English – BBC Bitesize offers a huge range of activities for children across KS1 and KS2. Their bank of English resources is a great place to start with units such as GPS to support writing and activities to stimulate imagination.

Art Lessons with Mo Williams - Mo Willems invites you into his studio every day for his Lunch Doodle. Learners worldwide can draw, doodle and explore new ways of writing by visiting Mo’s studio virtually once a day for the next few weeks. Grab some paper and pencils, pens, or crayons and join Mo to explore ways of writing and making together.

Online Resources  
David Walliams Reading Activities – A brilliant bank of resources created for lovers of David Walliams books including art, creating writing and word searches. Great for those who love getting lost in books and developing reading comprehension skills.

Mathletics – A great resource to allow children to work independently or cooperatively to complete activities from all units from their year group’s curriculum. Your child should have an existing login for this in their reading record. Please contact your class teacher should you need support with this. Mathletics is now available as an app for most devices.

Spelling Shed – Another resource that children should already be familiar with as it has been used in school this year. Your child should have an existing login for this in their reading record. Please contact your class teacher should you need support with this. Spelling shed is now available as an app for most devices.


Pobble 365 Writing – A fantastically imaginative collection of pictures for each day of the year designed to inspire creative writing. Each picture comes with a several suggestions for how it may stimulate a piece of writing, often with lesson plans and examples.


GoNoodle! – Filled with fun and catchy dance along videos and other activities designed to keep children active, GoNoodle is a favourite amongst children at Repton Manor.

Change 4 Life – Change for life have teamed up with Disney to offer a range of ‘shake up’ games to keep children active and entertained.


RSPCA activities – A combination of indoor, outdoor, written and creative activities designed to engage children with local wildlife.


The Kent Association of Headteachers website has collated a fantastic bank of online resources for a range of subjects including Maths, Science and Phonics and are updating this list regularly.

Premier League Primary Stars – A bank of online activities, videos and resources to support those looking for ways to educate, entertain children and keep them active including Maths, English, Physical activity and Health and Wellbeing for KS1 and 2.


The websites below are a selection to help build your skills across our curriculum subjects.

Read Theory eBooks www.readtheory.org/
Dance Mat Typing www.bbc.co.uk/guides/z3c6tfr
IXL English and Maths Practice www.uk.ixl.com/
Number Bonds www.mathplayground.com/number_bonds_II.html
Math Playground www.mathplayground.com/
Hit the Button - Maths; Number Bonds, Times Tables and Division www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button
Tables Master www.transum.org/Software/Tablesmaster/
Khan Academy - Maths, Science & Computing www.khanacademy.org/
​Scratch Jr - free tablet app www.scratchjr.org/
Scratch 2 - block programming www.scratch.mit.edu/
Kodu -  Free Official Miscrosoft education download www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=10056
Code Combat - dungeon (text programming) www.codecombat.com/play/dungeon
Trinket Python - text programming www.hourofpython.trinket.io/a-visual-introduction-to-python#/
Pivot Stop-Frame Animation FREE www.pivotanimator.net/Download.php
Zu3D Animation Tutorials (school licence for home) www.zu3d.com/tutorials/zu3d-tutorial-videos/

BBC Schools - www.bbc.co.uk/schools/websites/4_11
BBC History - www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/
BBC Newsround for Kids - www.bbc.co.uk/newsround
Childnet eSafety - www.childnet.com/young-people/primary
Up to 40% discount on MicroSoft Licenses  - www.software4students.co.uk/
Educational Freeware - parents please check for your child's suitability www.educational-freeware.com
BBC Bitesize Revision www.bbc.com/bitesize
National Gallery of Art for Kids - online tools www.nga.gov
Tux Paint - Free online drawing tool www.tuxpaint.org
ARKive - Nature, Geography, Educational Fun Learning www.arkive.org
National Geographic for Kids - Animals and Countries www.ngkids.co.uk
IXL Maths - Practice from Foundation to Year 12 www.uk.ixl.com
BBC World War One Content www.bbc.co.uk/schools/0/ww1/
Cyberkids - Interactive Learning; Maths, English, Geography, Science, Creative www.cyberkidz.co.uk
View A City of the World - Attractions, Facts & Photos www.aviewoncities.com
Woodlands Jnr - Primary Homework Help www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk
TES iboard - Hundreds of free practice games www.iboard.co.uk/activities
Crickweb - Interactive Learning by key stage groups and games www.crickweb.co.uk/
Scratch Tutorial - Whack a Beetle www.computing.training/index.php/14-sample-data-articles/122-scratch-kid...

We will be posting sing & sign video's and articles here.

Three Little Birds

Here is our message to you!


Days of the Week

Can you sign the days of the week?


Can you sign the days of the week to the Addams family theme tune?



Colours - I can sing a Rainbow


Can you learn the Makaton signs for different colours?

The Alphabet - The Alphabet Song

Can you learn to sign the alphabet and finger spell your name?

This page is for all other articles, photos and videos that we would like to share with our pupils.

Dear Children, A little message from your Repton Manor Family…


Bubble 2 - History Lyric Video

The children in Bubble 2 rewrote the lyrics to One Direction's History and recorded it in a lyric video.

Keep looking out for our offical music video coming soon!

Miss Bashford was really excited for the Tokyo Olympics which were due to happen in 2020.  However, they have had to be delayed until 2021.  The athletes are still keeping fit and healthy, though, and Miss Bashford would like us to keep fit with them.  She has prepared some short video's for the Tokyo 10 - 10 Olympic activities which you can join in with at home.

1. TV Triathlon:

Watch this video and join in with Miss Bashford for the first of the Tokyo 10 challenges, the TV Triathlon.  Click here to access the activity guide that Miss Bashford mentions in the video.

2. Where's the Pair

Watch this video and join in with Miss Bashford for the second of the Tokyo 10 challenges, Where's the pair.  Click here to access the activity guide.

Mr Atkins has created this video to teach you some football tricks and tips.


This page offers families ideas for where to look for support in the local and wider area but also some suggestions, top tips and activities for supporting your children's mental health and well-being at home.



Places of Worship

Mrs Smith has created this page to give you some information about different places of worship.  Included are some photographs and some activities which you may like to try.  There is also a link to a very useful website, which allows you to take a virtual tour of the different places of worship - click here.

To view Mrs Smith's activities, click here.


World Religions

If you would like to learn more about the different world religions, their teachings and belief systems, we recommend visiting the following websites:

Key Stage One: Click here.

Key Stage Two: Click here.

Friday 8th May 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

VE day celebrations:

When VE Day dawns on 8th May 2020 it will be 75 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the war in Europe.

VE Day, which stands for Victory in Europe Day, is a bank holiday in the UK.  In previous years, VE Day has been celebrated with street parties, community gatherings and services of thanksgiving. This year, because of the coronavirus pandemic and the UK’s lockdown restrictions, the previously planned celebrations for the 75th anniversary will not be able to go ahead and the day will look slightly different to what was originally intended. The general public are being encouraged to throw ‘Stay At Home Street Parties’ instead of the traditional neighbourhood gatherings.

To allow people to mark the day from the safety of their homes, a two minute silence has been planned for 11am, followed by a ‘toast to heroes’ at 3pm.

Here are some lovely resources from 'Made in Ashford' which could be used to help you to celebrate VE day this year at home.  Click here to view them.

History Home Learning Tasks

Here are some resources and activities that you might like to complete as part of your Home Learning tasks.

Click here for our History Learning Journey. This will give you some information about the areas of learning that your child will learn throughout their learning journey at Repton Manor.


Maidstone Museum - Daily Activities:

Maidstone Museum have created a series of Home Learning activities for you to complete. How many of Spike's Daily Activities can you complete? Don't forget to share your learning with your year group teams.

1. Rocks - click here for Spike's Daily Activity
2. Dinosaurs - click here for Spike's Daily Activity
3. Sculptures - click here for Spike's Daily Activity
4. Old Items - click here for Spike's Daily Activity
5. Butterflies - click here for Spike's Daily Activity
6. Explorer Masks - click here for Spike's Daily Activity
7. Small Museum - click here for Spike's Daily Activity
8. Hedgehogs - click here for Spike's Daily Activity
9. Greeks - click here for Spike's Daily Activity
10. Birds - click here for Spike's Daily Activity
11. Mammoth - click here for Spike's Daily Activity
12. Mirrors and Me - click here for Spike's Daily Activity

Additional Home Learning Tasks:

Time Capsule Craft - you might like to complete a time capsule as a family. If so, click here for some ideas.

For other interesting and exciting activities to complete - click here.

For further useful websites to support your child's learning with History click here.

Online Geography Lessons - BBC Bitesize:

Miss Cox has found these exciting Geography lessons for you.  To view, click here and use the hyperlinks in the attached document.


Geography Games and Activities:

Miss Cox has made this list of some fun games and activities that you can play with someone in your household to extend your Geography skills and knowledge.  Click here to view her suggestions.

Miss Kemp has prepared these Life Skills posters for you.  It would be brilliant if you could work on developing these skills with your child.

Reception - click here.

Year 1 - click here.

Year 2 - click here.

Year 3 - click here.

Year 4 - click here.

Year 5 - click here.

Year 6 - click here.


Lifeskills and Outdoor Learning Challenges:

Each week Miss Thompson and Miss Webb are sending out a Lifeskills and an Outdoor Learning challenge to you via email.  To view these, see below.


WB 18th May:

Outdoor Learning:

The 15th of May was Endangered Animals Day. We all know about endangered animals such as rhinos and tigers but did you know we have endangered animals here in the UK too? This weeks challenge is to carry out some research and find out which creatures are endangered here. You can just have a look and read up on this or you can make a leaflet or poster, its up to you! Can you find out what the UK BAP species list is? Do you know what a SSSI is?

The good news is that there is lots we can do to help the wildlife around us, even in a busy town like Ashford!

Use the websites below to find out more:









Can you make a healthy snack for yourself or help to cook a meal for your family?
Remember to ask an adult for help if you're not sure, or if you need to use something sharp or hot.

You may need to weigh or measure your ingredients and time how long your dish needs cooking for.

If this is something that you already do regularly, could you learn to make a new dish? Or create a new dish using familiar ingredients for your family to try?


WB 11th May:

Outdoor Learning:

This weeks outdoor learning challenge is to create some colourful creatures for your garden, balcony or bedroom windowsill. When out for a walk collect some different size stones and bring them home. Give them a wash and leave to dry. Use paints and pens to decorate them and turn them into insects, amphibians, animals or birds - have a look at the pictures here to get some ideas! If you are putting your stones outside it is best to use acrylic paints and to seal them with varnish to make them waterproof and to keep the colours bright. Have fun creating your creature families and friends!


Do you know what to do in an emergency?

Can you find out what an emergency is? What types of emergency are there? Who could you ask/call for help?
Think about what you might do in the following situations:
• Someone is seriously injured or won't wake up
• There is a fire (do you have a fire escape plan at home?)
If you need to call 999, you will need to give the address of where you need help, can you remember your home address from your life skills challenge a few weeks ago?

Basic First Aid
If someone is hurt but it isn't serious, what can we do to help?
Can you find out what the best treatment is for the following injuries:
• Cut or graze from falling over
• Bump to the head
• Burn
• Scald (burn from hot liquid)
• Splinter
• Sprain
The NHS have a special phone number (111) that you can call if you need advice or medical treatment quickly, and you cannot wait for an appointment to see your doctor but if it is NOT an emergency.


WB 4th May:

Outdoor Learning:

This week's outdoor challenge is to learn to identify some birds from their songs. With much less traffic about, this is the perfect time to stop and listen to the sounds of birds all around us, in the garden, on our daily walks and even first thing in the morning before getting out of bed! The website (click here) will play recordings of some of the birds you might hear and the poster (click here) describes the call of the birds. Good luck nature detectives!


Can you fold and put away your own clothes?

You will need to decide which items of clothing need folding and which will go on hangers in the wardrobe (if you have one). Experiment with different ways to fold different items and how to hang various items on the correct types of hangers.


WB 27th April:

Outdoor Learning:

This weeks challenge is all about bees, nature's little superheroes! If you want to find out more have a look at the following website, click here.

For a bee identification poster, click here.

To learn how to make a habitat for ground nesting bees, click here.


Can you tell the time on an analogue clock?

This challenge will vary depending upon what you already know so here are some Steps to Success. Find the best starting point for you and aim to complete the next level - and beyond if you wish!

Level 1: I know how many hours in a day, minutes in an hour and seconds in a minute.
Level 2: I can recognise 'o'clock' times on the clock.
Level 3: I can recognise 'half past' times on the clock.
Level 4: I can recognise 'quarter past' times on the clock.
Level 5: I can recognise 'quarter to' times on the clock.
Level 6: I can recognise 5 and 10 past the hour.
Level 7: I can recognise 20 and 25 past the hour.
Level 8: I can recognise 25 to on the clock and know that it is the same as 35 minutes past the previous hour.
Level 9: I can recognise 20 to on the clock and know that it is the same as 40 minutes past the previous hour.
Level 10: I can recognise 10 to on the clock and know that it is the same as 50 minutes past the previous hour.
Level 11: I can recognise 5 to on the clock and know that it is the same as 55 minutes past the previous hour.
Level 12: I can tell the time to the nearest minute past the hour. e.g. 1 minute past 12.
Level 13: I can tell the time to the nearest minute to the hour. e.g. 3 minutes to 7.
Level 14: I can write the analogue time in a digital format. Recognising that digital time always uses minutes past the hour. e.g. ten minutes to 5 is written as 4:50.
Level 15: I can solve problems using time, for examples, working out what time it will be in half an hour.

Learning to tell the time is best done little and often. If you don't have an analogue clock at home, could you make one with things around the house like the examples below?


WB 20th April:


Can you use the washing machine to help put a wash load on?

As an extra challenge, you could find out what the symbols, on the washing labels inside your clothes, mean!

Miss Boatfield has been having a think about some fun Design and Technology projects that you could complete whilst at home.  Have a look at the links below for some great ideas.


Bake Off:

Do you have expert baking skills?  Could your baking win a competition?  Have a look at this idea which tells you how to create your own Bake Off competition within your home.  Click here for more information.


Build your own classroom:

If you love making models, have a look at this information sheet to gather some ideas for how to make a model of your classroom.  Click here.

If you'd rather not build your classroom, but you'd like to make a model of a room in your house, then that is fine too.


Lego Challenge:

We know how many of you love to build and to create with Lego.  So, Miss Boatfield has found this 30 day challenge with ideas of things to create.  See how many you can complete.  To access the challenge, click here.



Our caterers, Independent Catering, have been keeping busy by cooking at home, some with their children.  Please see the link to their website (http://www.independentcatering.co.uk) - you may like to look at the 'Chef's Zone'.  Here, there are lots of videos of the chef's making healthy recipes that you could try at home. 

Please also see the two YouTube links below where you can see some more tasty and healthy recipes.

Bread Rolls:

Banana Cupcakes: