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Thousand Hours Project

What is Thousand Hours?

We were lucky enough to have been approached by the Ashford Vineyard Church to take part in their Ashford-wide ‘Thousand Hours’ project. The aim of the project was to bring a kindness revolution to Ashford throughout the month of October. They were aiming to encourage as many people within Ashford and the surrounding areas to take part in little acts of kindness to help their community. As a school, we felt passionately that this was something that we would all like to take part in.

The project:

Ashford Vineyard introduced the idea in a launch assembly for our children. Each child was given a log card to collect hours of kindness at home, with their families.

Our Topic:

As a school, we felt that we would like to take the project further. We decided that we would make the idea into a week-long topic – A Thousand Hour Kindness Project. Each class in our school, from Year R to Year 6, planned their own Topic with their teachers. They planned an act of kindness which they wanted their class to work towards during the week. We were very excited that the children would not only be deciding who they would like to help, and how they would like to do this, but they were also becoming mini-teachers and putting their skills to the test by helping to plan their own lessons for the week.

Acts of Kindness:

As well as the many acts of kindness which the children completed throughout the community with their families, our children took part in spontaneous and planned acts of kindness within the school days.

Our class project acts of kindness included:

Year R: Our reception classes delivered kindness messages to members of our school community and invited the Repton Nursery children to attend a firework display.

Year 1: Our Year 1 classes learnt all about caring for their environment, had a visit from a recycling lorry and made recycled toys for a cat sanctuary.

Year 2: Our Year 2 classes learnt all about the police force and the important role that they have in our society. They made sandwiches for the officers in the local police force.

Year 3: Our Year 3 classes learnt all about first aid and the role of St John’s Ambulance. They planned and held a party to raise money for St John’s Ambulance.

Year 4: Our Year 4 classes wanted to raise money for treats to give to the local community. They held a bring-and-buy sale for the children in our school and used the money raised to make cakes. They then carried out “reverse trick or treating” within the local community, and gave the community cakes.

Year 5: Our Year 5 classes wanted to help the local hospice. They designed and made board games to play with people at the hospice.

Year 6: Our Year 6 children decided to help the elderly. They washed cars for the staff at our school to raise money to make cakes and to provide entertainment for elderly visitors to our school. They held an open morning where they shared stories, songs and games with their visitors and fed them the cakes that they had made.

All of our children also decorated a kindness pebble which we are hoping to display within our school grounds. As well as this, they bought in photographs of their kindness acts, which are currently being used to fill the world map in our school hall, to literally colour our world with kindness!

We are extremely proud of our children and their many acts of kindness throughout this week. We are also proud that our children have continued this kindness theme throughout every-day life at school and within their community. To see more about the project, please watch our videos below.

1000 Hours Video Episode 1 - Intro to the Project

1000 Hours Video Episode 2 - Harvest

1000 Hours Video Episode 3 - Overview of project

1000 Hours Video Episode 4 - Display and evaluation